Ellen G. White Writings

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Spiritual Gifts, vol. 2, Table of Contents

Preface iii
Table of Contents 5
Chapter 1—My Misfortune 7
Chapter 2—The Advent Faith 12
Chapter 3—Feelings of Despair 15
Chapter 4—The Methodist Church 21
Chapter 5—Opposition of Formal Brethren 26
Chapter 6—My First Vision 30
Chapter 7—Call to Travel 35
Chapter 8—Fanaticism in Maine 49
Chapter 9—Vision of the New Earth 52
Chapter 10—Trials and Victories 57
Chapter 11—Visit to Massachusetts 67
Chapter 12—Meeting at Randolph 75
Chapter 13—Return to Maine 79
Chapter 14—Visit to Connecticut 91
Chapter 15—Western New York 96
Chapter 16—Return to Connecticut 104
Chapter 17—Visit to Mass. and N. H 108
Chapter 18—Publishing and Traveling 114
Chapter 19—Visit to Vermont and Maine 127
Chapter 20—Publishing Again 136
Chapter 21—The Review and Herald 143
Chapter 22—Removal to Saratoga Springs 152
Chapter 23—Removal to Rochester 160
Chapter 24—Eastern Tour 166
Chapter 25—Nathaniel and Anna 173
Chapter 26—Labors in Michigan 179
Chapter 27—Second Visit to Michigan 188
Chapter 28—Extreme Trials 194
Chapter 29—Captivity Turned 203
Chapter 30—The West 212
Chapter 31—The Laodicean Testimony 222
Chapter 32—Systematic Benevolence 230
Chapter 33—Vision at Monterey 238
Chapter 34—Young Sabbath-keepers 250
Chapter 35—Visit to Ohio 265
Chapter 36—Visit to Illinois 273
Chapter 37—Testimony for the Church 277