Ellen G. White Writings

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Spiritual Gifts, vol. 3, Table of Contents

Preface to Facsimile Edition ii
Preface v
Table of Contents vii
Spiritual Gifts 9
Chapter 1—The Creation 33
Chapter 2—The Temptation and Fall 36
Chapter 3—Cain and Abel 47
Chapter 4—Adam's Life 50
Chapter 5—Seth and Enoch 53
Chapter 6—Crime before the Flood 60
Chapter 7—The Flood 64
Chapter 8—After the Flood 76
Chapter 9—Disguised Infidelity 90
Chapter 10—Tower of Babel 96
Chapter 11—Abraham 98
Chapter 12—Isaac 108
Chapter 13—Jacob and Esau 113
Chapter 14—Jacob and the Angel 128
Chapter 15—Joseph and his Brethren 138
Chapter 16—Moses 180
Chapter 17—The Plagues on Egypt 203
Chapter 18—The Passover 222
Chapter 19—Israel Leaves Egypt 228
Chapter 20—Their Journeyings 248
Chapter 21—The Law of God 261