Ellen G. White Writings

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The Spirit of Prophecy, vol. 3, Table of Contents

Preface 3
A Word Of Explanation 5
Table of Contents 7
The Great Controversy 9
Chapter 1—Weeping Over Jerusalem 9
Chapter 2—Cleansing the Temple 20
Chapter 3—Jesus and the Pharisees 36
Chapter 4—Denouncing the Pharisees 56
Chapter 5—In the Outer Court 74
Chapter 6—The Passover Supper 81
Chapter 7—In the Garden 94
Chapter 8—In the Judgment Hall 107
Chapter 9—Condemnation of Jesus 127
Chapter 10—Calvary 148
Chapter 11—At the Sepulcher 173
Chapter 12—The Conflict Ended 183
Chapter 13—The Resurrection 191
Chapter 14—The Women at the Tomb 198
Chapter 15—Jesus at Emmaus 206
Chapter 16—In the Upper Chamber 216
Chapter 17—Jesus at Galilee 223
Chapter 18—Meeting of the Brethren 234
Chapter 19—Ascension of Christ 249
Chapter 20—The Pentecost 263
Chapter 21—The Cripple Healed 275
Chapter 22—The Seven Deacons 291
Chapter 23—Conversion of Saul 305
Chapter 24—Paul Commences His Ministry 317
Chapter 25—The Ministry of Peter 323
Chapter 26—Deliverance of Peter 334
Chapter 27—Ordination of Paul and Barnabas 345
Chapter 28—Preaching Among the Heathen 358
Chapter 29—Jew and Gentile 368
Chapter 30—Imprisonment of Paul and Silas 378
Chapter 31—Opposition at Thessalonica 387
Chapter 32—Paul at Berea and Athens 393
Chapter 33—Paul at Corinth 404
Chapter 34—Paul at Ephesus 415
Chapter 35—Trials and Victories of Paul 427
Chapter 36—Martyrdom of Paul and Peter 436