Ellen G. White Writings

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The Spirit of Prophecy, vol. 4, Table of Contents

Preface iii
Table of Contents v
Chapter 1—Destruction of Jerusalem 17
Chapter 2—Persecution in the First Centuries 39
Chapter 3—The Roman Church 51
Chapter 4—The Waldenses 66
Chapter 5—Early Reformers 85
Chapter 6—Luther's Separation from Rome 94
Chapter 7—Luther Before the Diet 119
Chapter 8—Progress of the Reformation 144
Chapter 9—Protest of the Princes 156
Chapter 10—Later Reformers 170
Chapter 11—The Two Witnesses 188
Chapter 12—God Honors the Humble 194
Chapter 13—William Miller 202
Chapter 14—The First Angel's Message 222
Chapter 15—The Second Angel's Message 230
Chapter 16—The Tarrying Time 241
Chapter 17—The Midnight Cry 248
Chapter 18—The Sanctuary 258
Chapter 19—An Open and a Shut Door 268
Chapter 20—The Third Angel's Message 273
Chapter 21—The Third Message Rejected 287
Chapter 22—Modern Revivals 294
Chapter 23—The Investigative Judgment 307
Chapter 24—Origin of Evil 316
Chapter 25—Enmity Between Man and Satan 324
Chapter 26—Agency of Evil Spirits 331
Chapter 27—The Snares of Satan 337
Chapter 28—The First Great Deception 351
Chapter 29—Spiritualism 370
Chapter 30—Character and Aims of the Papacy 380
Chapter 31—The Coming Conflict 398
Chapter 32—The Scriptures a Safeguard 411
Chapter 33—The Loud Cry 421
Chapter 34—The Time of Trouble 431
Chapter 35—God's People Delivered 452
Chapter 36—Desolation of the Earth 470
Chapter 37—The Controversy Ended 476
Appendix 493