Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 6 [Nos. 347-418], Table of Contents

A Word of Explanation i
Table of Contents i
MR No. 347—Manuscript Materials Requested by The 1973 Seminary Prophetic Guidance Class i
MR No. 348—A Message to Elder Tenney 84
MR No. 349—Attitudes Toward Sunday Laws 87
MR No. 350—Must the Christian Be Humorless? 90
MR No. 351—Writing Out the Light on Health Reform 96
MR No. 352—Regarding Moses Hull 98
MR No. 353—Biographical and a Warning 102
MR No. 354—Individuality and Creativity 103
MR No. 355—In Manuscript Release No. 1002 109
MR No. 356—Further Material on the Nature of Christ 110
MR No. 357—Regarding J. N. Andrews 114
MR No. 358—Nature and Teaching the Heathen 116
MR No. 359—On Competition 117
MR No. 360—In Sermons and Talks, Vol. 2 (Manuscript 126, 1901) 117
MR No. 361—Regarding Annie Smith 118
MR No. 362—Looking to Jesus 119
MR No. 363—Ministers to Exercise 122
MR No. 364—On Early Work in Great Britain 123
MR No. 365—In the booklet Christian Leadership (available from White Estate) 125
MR No. 366—Relation of a Wife to Her Husband 126
MR No. 367—Competitive Sports in Adventist Schools 127
MR No. 368—The Pioneers and Personal Sacrifice 130
MR No. 369—The Bible and the Law 141
MR No. 370—Ellen White in Copenhagen 143
MR No. 371—Faith and the Law 146
MR No. 372—The Work in Fresno 149
MR No. 373—Preparation for Baptism 155
MR No. 374—The Sabbath and Other Issues in the Conflict 168
MR No. 375—Race Relations and Ecumenism 173
MR No. 376—The Theology of Preaching 178
MR No. 377—Regarding M. B. Czechowski 189
MR No. 378—Materials in Ellen G. White in Europe, by D.A. Delafield 193
MR No. 379—Enlisting the Laymen in Seeking Lost Sheep 194
MR No. 380—The Work of Oakwood College 208
MR No. 381—Items for Notes and Papers 217
MR No. 382—In Faith and Works, pp. 63-79 219
MR No. 383—Items for Pakistan Health Book 220
MR No. 384—Early Health Counsels 221
MR No. 385—Counsel With Respect to Controversy 222
MR No. 386—In Manuscript Release No. 1216 245
MR No. 387—Personal Evangelism 246
MR No. 388—The Shut Door 249
MR No. 389—Mrs. White's First Automobile Ride 255
MR No. 390—Improper Literature 256
MR No. 391—How Mrs. White Kept the Sabbath 290
MR No. 392—James White Biographical Items 297
MR No. 393—Material Appears in Manuscript Release Nos. 448 and 449 307
MR No. 394—The Health Reform Message and Medical Missionary Work 308
MR No. 395—Counsel to a Newly Wed Couple 315
MR No. 396—Instruction From the Heavenly Sanctuary 316
MR No. 397—Sing with the Spirit and Understanding 318
MR No. 398—Church Architecture and Furnishings 319
MR No. 399—Our Duty Toward the Jews 323
MR No. 399a—Unity and Witness 331
MR No. 400—Counsel to E. R. Palmer 332
MR No. 401—Integrity of the Testimonies 333
MR No. 402—The Divine-Human Nature of Christ 334
MR No. 403—Letter to Brother and Sister Stockton 344
MR No. 404—Regarding Examinations at Dansville 346
MR No. 405—Counsel on Age of School Entrance 348
MR No. 406—Theology of Zechariah 375
MR No. 407—Intercessory Prayer 376
MR No. 408—How to Know the Will of God 381
MR No. 409—The Work in New Zealand 386
MR No. 410—Predestination 388
MR No. 411—The Spiritual Significance of Baptism 389
MR No. 412—Appetite 390
MR No. 413—The Wrath of God 390
MR No. 414—In Manuscript Release No. 1002 393
MR No. 415—Dating Sabbatical and Jubilee Years 394
MR No. 416—Christ as a Man on Earth 395
MR No. 417—Ellen G. White Counsels Relating to the Moving of Two Colleges—Battle Creek College and Pacific Union College 396
MR No. 418—Proper Motivation for Christian Service 415