Ellen G. White Writings

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Testimonies for the Church, vol. 6, Table of Contents

Table of Contents 2
The Times of Volume Six 3
Chapter 1—God's Purpose in the Church 9
Chapter 2—The Work for This Time 14
Chapter 3—Extension of the Work in Foreign Fields 23
Chapter 4—The Camp Meeting 31
Chapter 5—After the Camp Meeting 72
Chapter 6—Less Preaching, More Teaching 87
Chapter 7—Ministerial Institutes 89
Chapter 8—Baptism 91
Chapter 9—The Building of Meetinghouses 100
Chapter 10—Children's Meetings and Church Schools 105
Chapter 11—The Temperance Work 110
Chapter 12—Object Lessons in Health Reform 112
Chapter 13—Women to Be Gospel Workers 114
Chapter 14—Teaching Home Religion 119
Chapter 15—Meeting Opposition 120
Chapter 16—Parable of the Straying Sheep 124
Chapter 17—The Need of Educational Reform 126
Chapter 18—Hindrances to Reform 141
Chapter 19—Character and Work of Teachers 152
Chapter 20—Words from a Heavenly Instructor 162
Chapter 21—School Homes 168
Chapter 22—Industrial Reform 176
Chapter 23—The Avondale School Farm 181
Chapter 24—Church Schools 193
Chapter 25—School Management and Finance 206
Chapter 26—God's Design in Our Sanitariums 219
Chapter 27—The Physician's Work for Souls 229
Chapter 28—Unity in our Work 235
Chapter 29—Responsibilities of Medical Workers 243
Chapter 30—The World's Need 254
Chapter 31—The Church's Need 261
Chapter 32—Our Duty to the Household of Faith 269
Chapter 33—Our Duty to the World 273
Chapter 34—The Care of Orphans 281
Chapter 35—The Medical Missionary Work and the Third Angel's Message 288
Chapter 36—Neglect by the Church and the Ministry 294
Chapter 37—The Reward of Service 305
Chapter 38—Importance of the Work 313
Chapter 39—Qualifications of the Canvasser 317
Chapter 40—The Canvasser a Gospel Worker 321
Chapter 41—United Effort in Canvassing 326
Chapter 42—Revival of the Canvassing Work 329
Chapter 43—Showing Hospitality 341
Chapter 44—The Observance of the Sabbath 349
Chapter 45—A Revival in Health Reform 369
Chapter 46—The Importance of Voice Culture 380
Chapter 47—Giving to God His Own 384
Chapter 48—Christ in All the Bible 392
Chapter 49—Our Attitude Toward the Civil Authorities 394
Chapter 50—God's Word to be Supreme 402
Chapter 51—Preparation for the Final Crisis 404
Chapter 52—Young Men in the Ministry 411
Chapter 53—The Church and the Ministry 417
Chapter 54—The Home Missionary Work 421
Chapter 55—The Increase of Facilities 440
Chapter 56—Help for Mission Fields 445
Chapter 57—The Publishing House in Norway 454
Chapter 58—Our Danish Sanitarium 463
Chapter 59—The Relief of Our Schools 468
Chapter 60—The Claim of Redemption 479