Ellen G. White Writings

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Testimonies for the Church, vol. 8, Table of Contents

Table of Contents 4
The Times of Volume Eight 5
Chapter 1—Our Work 9
Chapter 2—The Commission 14
Chapter 3—The Power Promised 19
Chapter 4—Our Responsibility 24
Chapter 5—The Work at Home and Abroad 30
Chapter 6—The Work in Europe 38
Chapter 7—A View of the Conflict 41
Chapter 8—Warnings and Counsels Given to the Battle Creek Church 48
Chapter 9—Our Duty to the World 53
Chapter 10—Missionary Work at Home and Abroad 56
Chapter 11—The Holy Spirit in our Schools 61
Chapter 12—A Departure from Right 66
Chapter 13—Look to God for Help 69
Chapter 14—An Appeal to the Brethren in Battle Creek 76
Chapter 15—A Neglected Warning 81
Chapter 16—The Result of Reformation 87
Chapter 17—A Solemn Warning 90
Chapter 18—The Review and Herald Fire 97
Chapter 19—What Might Have Been 104
Chapter 20—Forgetfulness 107
Chapter 21—The Value of Trial 123
Chapter 22—Centering Too Much in Battle Creek 133
Chapter 23—Go Forth Into Many Places 145
Chapter 24—God's Purpose for His Institutions 153
Chapter 25—God's Purpose in Medical Missionary Work 158
Chapter 26—A Word of Caution 163
Chapter 27—Uphold the Medical Work 166
Chapter 28—Unity of Effort 172
Chapter 29—Christ the Medium of Prayer and Blessing 177
Chapter 30—Words of Encouragement 180
Chapter 31—The Value of the Word of God 192
Chapter 32—The Work for this Time 195
Chapter 33—A Broader View 201
Chapter 34—Christ Our Example 206
Chapter 35—Lessons from the Past 213
Chapter 36—How Shall Our Youth Be Trained? 221
Chapter 37—Leadership 236
Chapter 38—One with Christ in God 239
Chapter 39—Lay Members to Go Forth 244
Chapter 40—Shall We Be Found Wanting? 247
Chapter 41—Homeward Bound 252
Chapter 42—God In Nature 255
Chapter 43—A Personal God 263
Chapter 44—A False and a True Knowledge of God 279
Chapter 45—Danger in Speculative Knowledge 290
Chapter 46—The False and the True in Education 305
Chapter 47—Importance of Seeking True Knowledge 312
Chapter 48—The Knowledge Received through God's Word 319
Chapter 49—Our Great Need 329