Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 9 [Nos. 664-770], Table of Contents

A Word of Explanation i
Table of Contents i
MR No. 664—Christ's High Standard Attainable by His Grace 1
MR No. 665—Sabbath Conversation that God Blesses 2
MR No. 666—Phrenology or the Power of God? 3
MR No. 667—Prophetic Interpretation 7
MR No. 668—Counsel Regarding the Moving of Workers 9
MR No. 669—Relation of Faith and Works 12
MR No. 670—Proper Voice Culture 13
MR No. 671—Pacific Press Branch Office in Mexico 16
MR No. 672—Go Apart and Rest Awhile 17
MR No. 673—Refuge for Jewish Converts Encouraged 18
MR No. 674—Not Processed 19
MR No. 675—Ellen White's Desire To Labor For Non-SDA's 20
MR No. 676—Now Is the Time to Prepare for the Hereafter 21
MR No. 677—Fanny Bolton's False Claims Refuted 23
MR No. 678—Sister Caro's Ministerial Work 25
MR No. 679—Unity in Diversity Among SDA's 26
MR No. 680—The Course of Offshoot Leaders 27
MR No. 681—This Material Appears in 3SM 119, 120 27
MR No. 682—This Material Appears in 3SM 92, 93 27
MR No. 683—Ellen G. White's Writings on the Life of Christ 28
MR No. 684—Contrasts Between Adam and Christ 37
MR No. 685—The Work of Reconversion Cannot Be Hidden 38
MR No. 686—Divine Guidance in the Early Days of the Advent Movement 40
MR No. 687—Carl Ottosen a Man of Great Promise 41
MR No. 688—What We Must Do to Receive the “Well Done” 42
MR No. 689—“Is Your Headache Better, Grandma?” 44
MR No. 690—Counsels Concerning Proper Rest 46
MR No. 691—Ellen White's Regard for the Poor 50
MR No. 692—Ellen White Counsels Regarding Education 51
MR No. 693—To Overcome as Christ Overcame 76
MR No. 694—Ellen White's Sister, Caroline Clough 80
MR No. 695—Evangelistic Methods to which Seventh-day Adventists Are Not Called 81
MR No. 696—Testimony or “Social” Meetings 91
MR No. 697—Faith in Christ Needed to Keep From Sinning 102
MR No. 698—The Saints’ Eternal Home 104
MR No. 699—SDA's to Present a United Front 106
MR No. 700—Satan's Confederacy of Evil Angels and Evil Men 108
MR No. 701—Materials Appearing in 3SM 109
MR No. 702—Preparing the E. G. White Books 110
MR No. 703—Sorcery Shows and Lotteries Are Satan's Snares 111
MR No. 704—Right and Wrong Uses of the Testimonies 113
MR No. 705—Faithful Ministers Needed 115
MR No. 706—The Study of Greek and Latin 116
MR No. 707—Ellen White on Jewelry 117
MR No. 708—Insights Concerning the Incarnation 121
MR No. 709—Appeal for Total Consecration 127
MR No. 710—SDA's and Politics 128
MR No. 711—The Sacredness and Value of Adventist History 132
MR No. 712—Ellen White Had a Sense of Humor 136
MR No. 713—Meaning of Those Who are “Left” 137
MR No. 714—The Master Shepherd Through His Chosen Messenger Counsels Conference Presidents 138
MR No. 715—This Material Is Included in Manuscript Release No. 1131 180
Mr No. 716—The Law in Galatians and the 1888 General Conference 181
Mr No. 717—The Question of Influence on Ellen White As Revealed in an Interview 188
Mr No. 718—Ellen White's Suggestions for Question and Answer Periods 191
Mr No. 719—Ellen White's Care for Her Parents 192
Mr No. 720—Discipline of sda Church Members 193
Mr No. 721—The Authority of the Spirit of Prophecy 198
Mr No. 722—Soliciting Funds From Non-Adventists 200
MR No. 723—This Material Is Included in Manuscript Release No. 900.21 201
Mr No. 724—Relation of Faith to Evidence 202
Mr No. 725—Compelling Power in Preaching 207
Mr No. 726—Treatment of Others Reveals True Character 209
Mr No. 727—Service of Joyful Obedience 210
MR No. 728—This Material Is Cited in “How The Desire of Ages Was Written” by Robert W. Olson. Available from the E.G. White Estate 210
Mr No. 729—Angels in Human Form Converse With Us 211
Mr No. 730—Righteousness By Faith 212
Mr No. 731—The Law in Galatians 215
MR No. 732—Letter to a Colporteur 227
MR No. 733—Results of Adam's Sin 229
MR No. 734—Manuscripts for Conflict Books 242
MR No. 735—Preparing for Heaven 249
MR No. 736—Jewish Leaders Turned People From Christ 265
MR No. 737—This Material Is Cited in Chapter 31 of The Early Elmshaven Years, by Arthur L. White 265
MR No. 738—Christ's Human Nature in Gethsemane 266
MR No. 739—Difficulty in Delivering Some Messages 267
MR No. 740—Ellen White's Helpers, Marian Davis and Fannie Bolton 268
MR No. 741—The Witness of John Huss 275
MR No. 742—A. T. Jones's Sermons on the Validity of the Testimonies 278
MR No. 743—Materials Appearing in Selected Messages, Book 3 279
MR No. 744—Principles Relating to Sickness 280
MR No. 745—Our Relationship With God 288
MR No. 746—Increasing Importance of the Three Angels’ Messages 290
MR No. 747—Christ Our Righteousness 293
MR No. 748—The Power of United Prayer 303
MR No. 749—This Material Is Included in Manuscript Release No. 900.26 303
MR No. 750—Jesus, Friend of Sinners 304
MR No. 751—This Material Is Included in Manuscript Release No. 900.35 306
MR No. 752—Hattie Andre 307
MR No. 753—Our Duty Toward the Jews 309
MR No. 754—Items Relating to J. N. Andrews - 312
MR No. 755—The Whites in Colorado 317
MR No. 756—Title to Heaven 319
MR No. 757—Under the Control of the Enemy 320
MR No. 758—Reverence on the Sabbath 321
MR No. 759—Demonic Influences 324
MR No. 760—These Materials Were Assembled for ?The Integrity of the Sanctuary Truth? Available from the E.G. White Estate 324
MR No. 761—The Law in Galatians 325
MR No. 762—E. G. White and Harmony With the Brethren 338
MR No. 763—Ellen White and the Church in Adelaide, South Australia 339
MR No. 764—Restoration of the Image of God 370
MR No. 765—Not Processed 381
MR No. 766—Schools Built by D. T. Shireman 382
MR No. 767—Junior Story Material, Spirit of Prophecy Day, 1980 383
MR No. 768—The Harris Family 384
MR No. 769—Heart Worship Required 386
MR No. 770—Expensive Theatrical Evangelistic Displays 387