Ellen G. White Writings

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Testimonies for the Church, vol. 9, Table of Contents

Table of Contents 2
The Times of Volume Nine 3
Chapter 1—The Last Crisis 11
Chapter 2—Called to Be Witnesses 19
Chapter 3—Home Missionary Work 30
Chapter 4—The Need of Earnest Effort 43
Chapter 5—“Freely Ye Have Received, Freely Give” 49
Chapter 6—Our Publications 61
Chapter 7—Circulate the Publications 65
Chapter 8—A Broader View 76
Chapter 9—Camp Meetings and Our Publications 81
Chapter 10—Conditions in the Cities 89
Chapter 11—A Present-Day Work 97
Chapter 12—Methods of Labor 109
Chapter 13—An Appeal to Laymen 125
Chapter 14—Words of Counsel to Ministers 137
Chapter 15—Faithfulness in Health Reform 153
Chapter 16—A Plea For Medical Missionary Evangelists 167
Chapter 17—The Loma Linda College of Evangelists 173
Chapter 18—Unity Among Different Nationalities 179
Chapter 19—Unity in Christ Jesus 184
Chapter 20—The Publishing Work at College View 189
Chapter 21—German and Scandinavian Conferences 195
Chapter 22—A Call for Colored Laborers 199
Chapter 23—Proclaiming the Truth Where There is Race Antagonism 204
Chapter 24—The Color Line 213
Chapter 25—Consideration for Colored Laborers 223
Chapter 26—The Needs of a Mission Field 225
Chapter 27—A Time of Trial Before Us 227
Chapter 28—Sunday Labor 232
Chapter 29—Words of Caution 239
Chapter 30—Faithful Stewardship 245
Chapter 31—Beneficence 253
Chapter 32—The Spirit of Independence 257
Chapter 33—A Distribution of Responsibility 262
Chapter 34—In Humility and Faith 270
Chapter 35—To the Workers in Southern California 277
Chapter 36—“I Am But a Little Child” 281
Chapter 37—The Reward of Earnest Effort 285