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The Acts of the Apostles, Table of Contents

Preface v
Table of Contents vii
Chapter 1—God's Purpose for His Church 9
Chapter 2—The Training of the Twelve 17
Chapter 3—The Great Commission 25
Chapter 4—Pentecost 35
Chapter 5—The Gift of the Spirit 47
Chapter 6—At the Temple Gate 57
Chapter 7—A Warning Against Hypocrisy 70
Chapter 8—Before the Sanhedrin 77
Chapter 9—The Seven Deacons 87
Chapter 10—The First Christian Martyr 97
Chapter 11—The Gospel in Samaria 103
Chapter 12—From Persecutor to Disciple 112
Chapter 13—Days of Preparation 123
Chapter 14—A Seeker for Truth 131
Chapter 15—Delivered From Prison 143
Chapter 16—The Gospel Message in Antioch 155
Chapter 17—Heralds of the Gospel 166
Chapter 18—Preaching Among the Heathen 177
Chapter 19—Jew and Gentile 188
Chapter 20—Exalting the Cross 201
Chapter 21—In the Regions Beyond 211
Chapter 22—Thessalonica 221
Chapter 23—Berea and Athens 231
Chapter 24—Corinth 243
Chapter 25—The Thessalonian Letters 255
Chapter 26—Apollos at Corinth 269
Chapter 27—Ephesus 281
Chapter 28—Days of Toil and Trial 291
Chapter 29—A Message of Warning and Entreaty 298
Chapter 30—Called to Reach a Higher Standard 309
Chapter 31—The Message Heeded 323
Chapter 32—A Liberal Church 335
Chapter 33—Laboring Under Difficulties 346
Chapter 34—A Consecrated Ministry 359
Chapter 35—Salvation to the Jews 372
Chapter 36—Apostasy in Galatia 383
Chapter 37—Paul's Last Journey to Jerusalem 389
Chapter 38—Paul a Prisoner 399
Chapter 39—The Trial at Caesarea 419
Chapter 40—Paul Appeals to Caesar 428
Chapter 41—“Almost Thou Persuadest Me” 433
Chapter 42—The Voyage and Shipwreck 439
Chapter 43—In Rome 447
Chapter 44—Caesar's Household 461
Chapter 45—Written From Rome 469
Chapter 46—At Liberty 485
Chapter 47—The Final Arrest 489
Chapter 48—Paul Before Nero 492
Chapter 49—Paul's Last Letter 498
Chapter 50—Condemned to Die 509
Chapter 51—A Faithful Under-Shepherd 514
Chapter 52—Steadfast Unto the End 529
Chapter 53—John the Beloved 539
Chapter 54—A Faithful Witness 546
Chapter 55—Transformed by Grace 557
Chapter 56—Patmos 568
Chapter 57—The Revelation 578
Chapter 58—The Church Triumphant 593