Ellen G. White Writings

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A Call to Stand Apart, Table of Contents

Contents 8
Introduction 9
Chapter 1—Beginnings 11
Chapter 2—Jesus as a Child and Young Adult 16
Chapter 3—Jesus’ Ministry Begins with a Party 19
Chapter 4—You Can Come Home Any Time 22
Chapter 5—When Doing Everything Right Isn’t Enough 26
Chapter 6—The Answer Lies in the Soil 32
Chapter 7—How to Pray 39
Chapter 8—How to Have Faith 43
Chapter 9—Preparing to Die 46
Chapter 10—Cruel Crucifixion 50
Chapter 11—Grand Resurrection 57
Chapter 12—How to Handle Doubts and Confusion 64
Chapter 13—Relationships 69
Chapter 14—Wellness 80
Chapter 15—Social Justice 90
Chapter 16—Careers 97
Chapter 17—Authority Of Scripture 104