Ellen G. White Writings

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The Abiding Gift of Prophecy, Table of Contents

Table of Contents 4
Foreword 5
Introduction 9
Chapter 1—The Prophetic Gift Bestowed 15
Chapter 2—Prophetic Terms Defined 22
Chapter 3—The Gift in the Patriarchal Dispensation 36
Chapter 4—Manifest From Egypt to Canaan 49
Chapter 5—From Joshua to Samuel 56
Chapter 6—During the Revolt of Israel 67
Chapter 7—Prophetic Guidance to Kings 76
Chapter 8—Ministry of Prophets to Israel 82
Chapter 9—In the Crises Over Heathenism 90
Chapter 10—Prophetic Work of Elisha 106
Chapter 11—The Last Prophets of Israel 118
Chapter 12—The Prophets of Judah 126
Chapter 13—Seven Prophetic Writers 135
Chapter 14—Prophets During the Captivity 144
Chapter 15—P rophets after the Captivity 150
Chapter 16—In the Apostolic Age 163
Chapter 17—The Witness of the Second Century 175
Chapter 18—Evidences in the Third and Fourth Centuries 189
Chapter 19—Separations From the Church 200
Chapter 20—Light Penetrates the Darkness 214
Chapter 21—Reformation and Post-Reformation 220
Chapter 22—Nearing the Great Consummation 229
Chapter 23—The Awakening Advent Hope 239
Chapter 24—Gift Renewed in the Remnant Church 253
Chapter 25—A Sound Basis for Confidence 264
Chapter 26—Claims Tested by the Word 277
Chapter 27—Claims Tested by Their Fruits 293
Chapter 28—Establishing the Australasian Missionary College 308
Chapter 29—Meeting a Publishing Work Crisis 322
Chapter 30—Denomination Saved From Pantheistic Teaching 330
Chapter 31—The Providential Move to Washington, D. C. 343
Chapter 32—Our Medical School at Loma Linda 354
Chapter 33—Confidence Confirmed by Personal Experiences 363
Chapter 34—Believe in the Prophetic Gift 370