Ellen G. White Writings

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Counsels for the Church, Table of Contents

Foreword 5
Table of Contents 7
Introduction—The Prophetic Gift and Ellen G. White 9
Chapter 1—A Vision of the Reward of the Faithful 33
Chapter 2—The Time of The End 37
Chapter 3—Prepare to Meet the Lord 41
Chapter 4—Union With Christ and Brotherly Love 43
Chapter 5—Christ Our Righteousness 47
Chapter 6—The Sanctified Life 50
Chapter 7—God Has a Work for You to Do 58
Chapter 8—“Here Am I, Lord, Send Me” 64
Chapter 9—The Publications of the Church 72
Chapter 10—Belief in a Personal God 74
Chapter 11—Christians to Represent God 78
Chapter 12—In the World but Not of the World 83
Chapter 13—The Bible 86
Chapter 14—The Testimonies for the Church 91
Chapter 15—The Holy Spirit 98
Chapter 16—Keep Clear God's Connection With Man 101
Chapter 17—Purity of Heart and Life 107
Chapter 18—The Choosing of a Husband or Wife 112
Chapter 19—Marry Not an Unbeliever 120
Chapter 20—Marriage 125
Chapter 21—A Happy, Successful Partnership 129
Chapter 22—The Relationship Between Husband and Wife 133
Chapter 23—The Mother and Her Child 138
Chapter 24—The Christian Father and Mother 143
Chapter 25—The Christian Home 148
Chapter 26—Spiritual Influence in the Home 151
Chapter 27—Finance in the Home 154
Chapter 28—Family Activities During Holidays and Anniversaries 158
Chapter 29—Recreation 160
Chapter 30—The Avenues to the Mind Which Must Be Guarded 166
Chapter 31—Choice of Reading 168
Chapter 32—Music 172
Chapter 33—Criticism and Its Effects 174
Chapter 34—Counsel Concerning Dress 180
Chapter 35—An Appeal to Youth 184
Chapter 36—The Proper Discipline and Education of our Children 190
Chapter 37—Christian Education 202
Chapter 38—The Call to Temperate Living 214
Chapter 39—The Importance of Cleanliness 218
Chapter 40—The Food We Eat 221
Chapter 41—Flesh Foods 228
Chapter 42—Faithfulness in Health Reform 233
Chapter 43—The Church on Earth 240
Chapter 44—Church Organization 244
Chapter 45—The House of God 249
Chapter 46—Treatment of the Erring 254
Chapter 47—The Observance of God's Holy Sabbath 261
Chapter 48—Counsels on Stewardship 272
Chapter 49—The Christian Attitude Toward Want and Suffering 283
Chapter 50—Christians in All the World Become One in Christ 287
Chapter 51—The Prayer Meeting 292
Chapter 52—Baptism 295
Chapter 53—The Lord's Supper 298
Chapter 54—Prayer for the Sick 303
Chapter 55—The Medical Work 308
Chapter 56—Relations With Those Not of Our Persuasion 312
Chapter 57—Our Relations to Civil Rulers and Laws 314
Chapter 58—Satan's Deceptive Work 319
Chapter 59—False Science—Satan's Modern Robe of Light 322
Chapter 60—Satan's Lying Wonders 329
Chapter 61—The Coming Crisis 333
Chapter 62—The Sifting Time 338
Chapter 63—Some Things to Remember 342
Chapter 64—Christ Our Great High Priest 347
Chapter 65—Joshua and the Angel 350
Chapter 66—“Behold, I Come Quickly” 355