Ellen G. White Writings

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Christian Education, Table of Contents

Note to the Reader 2
Table of Contents 3
Chapter 1—Proper Education 5
Chapter 2—Our College 24
Chapter 3—Pure Education 33
Chapter 4—Our College 36
Chapter 5—Proper Education of the Young 45
Chapter 6—A Knowledge of God 54
Chapter 7—The Schools of the Prophets 60
Chapter 8—The Teacher of Truth the Only Safe Educator 70
Chapter 9—The Treasure with Which to Store the Mind 78
Chapter 10—The Science of Salvation the First of Sciences 83
Chapter 11—Christian Character Exemplified in Teachers and Students 88
Chapter 12—The World by Wisdom Knew not God 93
Chapter 13—Books in Our Schools 98
Chapter 14—The Book of Books 105
Chapter 15—The Value of Bible Study 115
Chapter 16—The Necessity of Doing Our Best 121
Chapter 17—Formality, Not Organization, An Evil 134
Chapter 18—The Education Most Essential For Gospel Workers 141
Chapter 19—To Teachers 144
Chapter 20—Home Education 161
Chapter 21—Parental Responsibility 175
Chapter 22—Education And Health 182
Chapter 23—Mental Inebriates 185
Chapter 24—The Literal Week 190
Chapter 25—Fragments 197