Ellen G. White Writings

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Christian Experience and Teachings of Ellen G. White, Table of Contents

Preface 7
Table of Contents 9
Chapter 1—Childhood 13
Chapter 2—Conversion 16
Chapter 3—Beginning of Public Labours 21
Chapter 4—The Advent Faith 35
Chapter 5—The Disappointment 45
Chapter 6—My First Vision 57
Chapter 7—A Vision of the New Earth1At the time of another visit at the home of Mrs. Haines, about a year after the first vision, there was given to Miss Harmon a vision of the new earth, and the descent of the holy city, which takes place at the end of the thousand years after Christ's second advent. Revelation 21:10-27; Zechariah 14:4. 62
Chapter 8—Call to Travel 65
Chapter 9—Meeting Fanaticism 73
Chapter 10—The Sabbath of the Lord 85
Chapter 11—Marriage and United Labours 88
Chapter 12—The Heavenly Sanctuary 91
Chapter 13—Gods's Love for His People 97
Chapter 14—The Sealing 100
Chapter 15—The Trial of Our Faith 103
Chapter 16—To the Little Flock 106
Chapter 17—Shaking of the Powers of Heaven 111
Chapter 18—Preparation for the End 112
Chapter 19—Struggles with Poverty 114
Chapter 20—Encouraging Providences 121
Chapter 21—Prayer and Faith 126
Chapter 22—Beginning to Publish 128
Chapter 23—Visiting the Brethren 132
Chapter 24—Publishing Again 140
Chapter 25—Removal to Michigan 151
Chapter 26—The Two Ways 156
Chapter 27—The Two Crowns 161
Chapter 28—Modern Spiritualism 168
Chapter 29—Snares of Satan 171
Chapter 30—The Shaking 175
Chapter 31—Traveling the Narrow Way 179
Chapter 32—Preparing for the Judgment 185
Chapter 33—Organization and Development 192
Chapter 34—God's Love for the Church 206
Chapter 35—Missionary Work 210
Chapter 36—Broader Plans 216
Chapter 37—Extension of the Work In Foreign Fields 219
Chapter 38—Circulating the Printed Page1These words of counsel regarding the circulation of literature were among the first calling for trained colporteur-evangelists. 225
Chapter 39—A View of the Conflict 228
Chapter 40—The Reward of Earnest Effort 233
The Prophetic Gift 237
Tested by the Word 244
Sources 259