Ellen G. White Writings

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Child Guidance, Table of Contents

Foreword 5
Contents 7
To the Reader 13
Chapter 1—Importance of the Home School 17
Chapter 2—The First Teachers 21
Chapter 3—When to Begin the Child's Training 26
Chapter 4—Methods of Teaching 31
Chapter 5—The Bible as a Textbook 41
Chapter 6—The Book of Nature 45
Chapter 7—Practical Lessons from Nature's Book 53
Chapter 8—Preparation is Needed 63
Chapter 9—A Call for Self-improvement 71
Chapter 10—The Key to Happiness and Success 79
Chapter 11—To be Taught from Babyhood 82
Chapter 12—Obedience Must Become a Habit 85
Chapter 13—Self-control 91
Chapter 14—Quietness, Respect, and Reverence 97
Chapter 15—Care in Handling Property 101
Chapter 16—Health Principles 103
Chapter 17—Cleanliness 106
Chapter 18—Neatness, Order, and Regularity 110
Chapter 19—Purity 113
Chapter 20—Helpfulness 119
Chapter 21—Industry 122
Chapter 22—Diligence and Perseverance 128
Chapter 23—Self-Denial, Unselfishness, and Thoughtfulness 131
Chapter 24—Economy and Thrift 134
Chapter 25—Simplicity 139
Chapter 26—Courtesy and Reserve 143
Chapter 27—Cheerfulness and Thankfulness 146
Chapter 28—Truthfulness 150
Chapter 29—Honesty and Integrity 152
Chapter 30—Self-reliance and Sense of Honor 156
Chapter 31—Importance of Character 161
Chapter 32—How Character Is Formed 164
Chapter 33—Parental Responsibility in Character Formation 169
Chapter 34—Ways in Which Character Is Ruined 175
Chapter 35—How Parents May Build Strong Characters 184
Chapter 36—Advantage of the Early Years 193
Chapter 37—The Power of Habit 199
Chapter 38—Study Age, Disposition, and Temperament 204
Chapter 39—The Will a Factor in Success 209
Chapter 40—Exemplify Christian Principles 215
Chapter 41—Objectives of Discipline 223
Chapter 42—The Time to Begin Discipline 229
Chapter 43—Discipline in the Home 233
Chapter 44—Administration of Corrective Discipline 244
Chapter 45—With Love and Firmness 258
Chapter 46—Evils of Indulgence 271
Chapter 47—Lax Discipline and Its Fruitage 275
Chapter 48—The Child's Reaction 279
Chapter 49—Attitude of Relatives 288
Chapter 50—What Comprises True Education? 293
Chapter 51—Preparing for School 300
Chapter 52—Choosing the School 303
Chapter 53—The Church's Responsibility 312
Chapter 54—Teachers and Parents in Partnership 318
Chapter 55—Unity in Discipline 323
Chapter 56—Academy and College Training 328
Chapter 57—Exercise and Health 339
Chapter 58—Training for Practical Life 345
Chapter 59—Teaching Useful Trades 355
Chapter 60—Knowledge of and Obedience to the Laws of Life 360
Chapter 61—The Homemaker in the Kitchen*Note: Counsels on Diet and Foods presents detailed counsels on the whole food question. 371
Chapter 62—Eating to Live 378
Chapter 63—Temperance in All Things 394
Chapter 64—The Home and the Temperance Crusade 401
Chapter 65—The Blessings of Proper Dress 413
Chapter 66—Teaching the Fundamental Principles of Dress 419
Chapter 67—The Fascinating Power of Fashion 432
Chapter 68—Prevalence of Corrupting Vices 439
Chapter 69—Effects of Harmful Practices 444
Chapter 70—Cautions and Counsels 449
Chapter 71—Parental Vigilance and Help 457
Chapter 72—The Battle for Reform 464
Chapter 73—Responsibility for Eternal Interests 471
Chapter 74—Every Home a Church 480
Chapter 75—Leading Little Children to Christ 486
Chapter 76—Preparing for Church Membership 493
Chapter 77—The Bible in the Home 505
Chapter 78—The Power of Prayer 517
Chapter 79—Sabbath—The Day of Delight 527
Chapter 80—Reverence for That Which Is Holy 538
Chapter 81—Co-Ordination of Home and Church 548
Chapter 82—The Hour Is Late 555
Chapter 83—The Rewards 560