Ellen G. White Writings

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Christ in His Sanctuary, Table of Contents

Table of Contents 2
The Sanctuary Truth 3
Christ in the Sacrificial System*The statements comprising this chapter are drawn from Patriarchs and Prophets and other E. G. White published materials. 19
The Heavenly Sanctuary in Miniature 23
The Gospel in Type and Antitype*A chapter compiled from several E. G. White sources inserted here to provide a bridge between the typical sanctuary service on earth and the antitypical service in the heavenly sanctuary. 40
The Judgment Message Stirs America 47
Daniel 8:14 and Steps in God's Mysterious Leadings 69
The End of the 2300 Days 79
The Glorious Temple in Heaven 87
Our High Priest in the Holy of Holies 101
Christ's Closing Ministry in the Heavenly Sanctuary 115