Ellen G. White Writings

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Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students, Table of Contents

Preface 5
Table of Contents 7
The Essential Knowledge 11
The First of Sciences 19
The Teacher of Truth the Only Safe Educator 25
Unselfish Service the Law of Heaven 32
Our Children and Youth Demand Our Care 41
The Primal Object of Education 49
The Heavenly Pattern 56
Character Building 61
Teachers and Teaching 64
The Right Education 73
Our College 86
Deportment of Students 98
The Child's First School 107
Safeguarding the Young 119
What Shall Our Children Read? 132
The Parable of the Growing Seed 140
Teaching Lessons of Helpfulness 145
Co-operation Between the Home and the School 150
Home Schools 158
Our Responsibility 165
The Work to Be Done for Our Children 168
The Work of the Church School 173
Christ as the Example and Teacher of Youth 178
The Bible Lesson 181
Teaching from Nature 185
Under Discipline to Christ 191
Intermediate Schools 203
Value of the Common Branches 215
The Influence Of Association 220
Some Of The Christian Teacher's Needs 229
The Necessity Of Doing Our Best 237
A Deeper Consecration 248
The Importance Of Simplicity 253
A Caution 256
The Great Teacher 259
Christian Discipline 264
The Dignity Of Labor 273
Words of Counsel 281
Physical Labor for Students 285
Health and Efficiency 294
Some Principles of Healthful Dressing 302
A Practical Training 307
As Lights in the World 321
Dangerous Amusements for the Young 325
Establishing Right Principles in the Youth 331
Christian Recreation 336
Worldly Amusements 338
Holidays Unto God 343
How to Spend Holidays 346
The Danger in Amusements 348
The Teacher's Need Of The Holy Spirit's Aid 357
A Failure to Recognize God's Messenger 363
Manifest Working of the Holy Spirit 369
The False and the True in Education 377
The Knowledge that Endures 389
In Co-Operation with Christ 397
To Teachers and Students 401
A Speedy Preparation for Work 404
God's Word a Treasure House 421
The Book of Books 427
The Bible Teacher 431
A Failure to Study God's Word 438
Some Results of Bible Study 448
The Word and Works of God 453
Study the Bible for Yourselves 460
A Call for Gospel Medical Missionaries 465
The Medical Student 474
Spiritual Growth 485
Education a Fitting for Service 493
Gaining Efficiency 500
Efficiency Through Service 507
The Education Most Essential for Gospel Workers 509
“According that a Man Hath” 511
Young Men as Missionaries 514
Co-Operation Between Schools and Sanitariums 519
A Broader View 524
An Encouraging Experience 529
A Missionary Education 531
The Youth to Be Burden Bearers 535
Literary Societies 541
Student Missionary Work 545