Ellen G. White Writings

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Christian Service, Table of Contents

Preface 3
Table of Contents 5
Chapter 1—God's Call to Service 7
Chapter 2—The Call to Young People 30
Chapter 3—Conditions Among God's People 35
Chapter 4—World Conditions Facing the Christian Worker 50
Chapter 5—The Church a Training Center 58
Chapter 6—Students to Do Missionary Work While in Training 64
Chapter 7—Co-operation of Ministers and Laymen 67
Chapter 8—Organizing Christian Forces 72
Chapter 9—The Call to Arouse 77
Chapter 10—Methods 113
Chapter 11—Medical Missionary Work 132
Chapter 12—Bible Evangelism 141
Chapter 13—Ministry of the Printed Page 145
Chapter 14—Religious Liberty 155
Chapter 15—Harvest Ingathering 167
Chapter 16—The Church Expansion Movement 178
Chapter 17—Christian Help Work 186
Chapter 18—The Camp-Meeting an Aid in Christian Service 194
Chapter 19—The Home-Foreign Field 199
Chapter 20—Reaching The Wealthy And Influential 202
Chapter 21—The Home a Missionary Training Center 206
Chapter 22—The Prayer And Missionary Meeting 211
Chapter 23—Miscellaneous Lines of Missionary Work 215
Chapter 24—Qualifications for Successful Christian Service 223
Chapter 25—The Holy Spirit 250
Chapter 26—Assurance of Success 257
Chapter 27—Reward of Service 266