Ellen G. White Writings

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Ellen G. White in Europe 1885-1887, Table of Contents

Foreword 5
Table of Contents 10
Chapter 1—Chronology 11
Chapter 2—A Historical Prologue 17
Chapter 3—Bound for Europe 22
Chapter 4—Expanding Mission Perspective 30
Chapter 5—The Reception in England 35
Chapter 6—Headquarters in Basel 47
Chapter 7—The Swiss Conference of 1885 57
Chapter 8—The Third European Missionary Council 66
Chapter 9—Among The Youth In Basel 86
Chapter 10—The Visit to Denmark 91
Chapter 11—Visiting Churches in Sweden 102
Chapter 12—Norwegian Adventists Welcome Mrs. White 115
Chapter 13—Scandinavia to Switzerland 127
Chapter 14—The First Visit to Italy 133
Chapter 15—At Home in Switzerland for the Winter 148
Chapter 16—The Second Visit to Italy 174
Chapter 17—The Magnificence of the Alps 181
Chapter 18—Among the Swiss Believers 186
Chapter 19—a Second Round of Meetings in Scandinavia 192
Chapter 20—Turmoil and Peace 200
Chapter 21—Work and Recreation in Switzerland 211
Chapter 22—The Fourth European Council 216
Chapter 23—Will France Receive The Light? 226
Chapter 24—a Bible-Centered Ministry 239
Chapter 25—Christmas Day at Tramelan 247
Chapter 26—Literary Work 255
Chapter 27—The Final Months in Switzerland 266
Chapter 28—Germany and the Vohwinkel Vision 275
Chapter 29—Lewis R. Conradi 286
Chapter 30—First Adventist Camp Meeting In Europe 297
Chapter 31—Last Stop on the Journey 307
Chapter 32—Homeward Bound 314