Ellen G. White Writings

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Evangelism, Table of Contents

Preface 5
Table of Contents 9
Proclaiming the Message 15
Ever-Widening Influence of the Gospel 19
The Need of Evangelistic Workers 21
In the Shadow of Impending Doom 25
Increasing Difficulties 30
The Call for a Speedy Work 33
Special Opportunities for Evangelism 35
Surveying the Needs of the Large Cities 36
Problems Peculiar to Metropolitan Evangelism 38
The Promise of an Abundant Harvest 43
The Highways and Byways 45
Rural Workers 48
Patterning After the Master Evangelist 53
Planning an Expanding Evangelism 59
Moving Forward by Faith 61
Evangelism of the Highest Type 66
The Evangelist and His Team 69
Advantages of Two and Two 72
The Evangelistic Site 74
The Outpost Centers 76
Planning Sectional and Suburban Meetings 78
Planning for a Permanent Work 79
Finance and the Budget 85
The Business Management of the Campaign 91
Methods and Organization 93
The Evangelistic Company 96
Importance of Prayerful Counseling 97
Unity in Diversity 98
Allowing for More Than One Man's Method 103
The City Field Training School 107
Reviving and Organizing the Church for Service 110
Relationship of Evangelist and Pastor 116
Guarding Against Overorganization 116
Our Present Truth Message 119
Arresting Public Attention 122
Successful and Impressive Advertising Methods 128
The Evangelist in Publicity 131
Avoiding Display and the Sensational 136
Guarding Proper Approaches 139
Platform Decorum, Announcements, and Preliminaries 145
Interest-Holding Features 148
Inquiry and Question Meetings 151
Getting Acquainted With the People 156
Printed Sermons And Literature 159
The Debate 162
Spirit and Manner of Presenting the Message 168
The Evangelistic Sermon 174
Christ the Center of the Message 184
Prophetic Preaching that Arrests Attention 193
Restraining Without Obscuring Truth 199
Truth-Teaching Devices 203
Stories, Anecdotes, Jesting, and Joking 206
False Tests and Man-Made Standards 211
Heralding the Second Advent 217
The Sanctuary Truth 221
Presenting the Law and the Sabbath 225
Meeting Sabbathkeeping Problems 237
Preaching on Nonimmortality 246
The Message of Christian Stewardship 249
Presentation of the Spirit of Prophecy 255
Presenting Health and Christian Standards 260
The Ordinances 273
Preaching for the Final Decision 279
Appeals and Altar Calls 283
Helping Souls to Be Converted 286
Gathering in the Interested 292
Methods of Clinching Decisions 295
Meeting Prejudice and Opposition 301
Baptism and Church Membership 306
Binding Off Thoroughly 321
Length of Effort and Closing The Campaign 326
Determining the Success of Meetings 328
Follow-up Methods 334
Integrating New Believers into the Church 340
Pastoral Evangelism 345
Responsibility of Spiritual Laymen to New Converts 351
Helping New Believers to Win Souls 353
Guarding New Members Against Error And Fanaticism 357
Reclaiming Backsliders 367
Rebaptism 372
Providing Church Buildings 375
On to New Fields 381
New York 384
Boston and New England 389
Cities of the East and South 394
Cities of the Central States 402
The Western Cities 403
Sounding the Message in Europe 407
England and Its Cities 414
The Cities of Northern Europe 419
In Southern Europe 423
Working the Australasian Cities 425
The Need for Personal Work 429
House-to-House Visitation 431
Winning Families 435
Evangelistic Visiting 437
Ministers Giving Bible Readings 439
Learning the Art of Personal Work 442
Prejudice Broken Down 445
Working for the Aged 446
Ellen G. White's Experience and Methods as a Personal Worker 447
Bible Teaching the Objective 456
Personal Workers and Wise Counselors 458
Searching for the Lost 461
Women in Evangelism 464
Both Men and Women Called to Bible Work 469
The Gospel Visitor 470
Women in Public Ministry 471
Training and Background 474
Bible Instructor's Qualifications 477
Bible Work Techniques 481
Lessons from the Master Teacher 486
Results of Bible Work 488
Adequate Wages for Women Workers 491
Cautions to the Bible Instructor 493
The Ministry of Song 496
Music in Evangelism 500
The Singing Evangelist 504
Emphasis in Congregational Singing 507
The Music Personnel 508
Timely Cautions 510
An Entering Wedge 513
The True Objective of Medical Evangelism 516
Relationship to Gospel Ministry 519
Simplicity of Method 524
An Antitobacco and Temperance Message 529
Medical Evangelism in the Cities 532
Institutional Evangelism 536
The Consecrated Physician and the Missionary Nurse 543
Balancing Cautions 547
Working for All Classes 552
Reaching Men of Means and Influence 554
Ministers of Other Denominations 562
Laboring for the Middle Class 564
Working for Fallen Humanity 566
The Stranger in Our Midst 568
Reaching Catholics 573
A Large Harvest from the Jews 577
Child Evangelism 579
Those in the Tourist Centers 584
The Street Meeting 586
Satan Gains Foothold Through False Doctrines 589
Miracles Not a Test 594
False Sanctification and Holiness 595
Pantheistic and Spiritualistic Theories 600
Various Forms of Spiritualism 602
Fanaticism and Extremism 610
Misrepresentations of the Godhead 613
Secret Societies 617
Combating Erroneous Teaching 623
The Spirit of the Ministry 628
The Graces of Culture and Kindness 636
Application to the Work 644
Concentrating on the Main Task 655
Health and Health Principles 657
The Voice of the Gospel Worker 665
Personal Appearance of the Evangelist 670
The Evangelist's Wife 674
Maintaining a High Moral Standard 678
The Internship Period 682
Calls to and Transfers of the Evangelistic Worker 687
When the Loud Cry Sounds 692
The Reason for the Delay 694
Power for Finishing the Work 697
Present Hour of Opportunity 701
Speedy Triumphant Climax 706