Ellen G. White Writings

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Fundamentals of Christian Education, Table of Contents

Preface 5
Table of Contents 7
Chapter 1—Proper Education 15
Chapter 2—Christ an Educator 47
Chapter 3—An Appeal for Our Students 50
Chapter 4—Thoughts on Education 57
Chapter 5—A Visit to College City 62
Chapter 6—The Home and the School 64
Chapter 7—The Importance of Physical Training 71
Chapter 8—Daniel's Integrity Under Test 77
Chapter 9—The Importance of Education 82
Chapter 10—Danger of Reading Fictitious and Infidel Books 92
Chapter 11—The Schools of the Ancient Hebrews 95
Chapter 12—Courtship and Marriage 100
Chapter 13—Importance of Training in the Work of God 107
Chapter 14—Proper Education of the Young 113
Chapter 15—The Value of Bible Study 123
Chapter 16—The Book of Books 129
Chapter 17—Parental Responsibility 139
Chapter 18—Education and Health 145
Chapter 19—Home Education 149
Chapter 20—Mental Inebriates 162
Chapter 21—Books in Our Schools 167
Chapter 22—The Teacher of Truth the Only Safe Educator 174
Chapter 23—The Treasures With Which to Store the Mind 181
Chapter 24—The Science of Salvation the First of Sciences 186
Chapter 25—Christian Character Exemplified in Teachers and Students 191
Chapter 26—The World By Wisdom Knew Not God 196
Chapter 27—The Relation of Education to the Work of God 201
Chapter 28—The Need of Trained Workers 212
Chapter 29—To Teachers and Students 220
Chapter 30—The Best Education and Its Purpose 231
Chapter 31—Christ as Teacher 236
Chapter 32—The Education Most Essential for Gospel Workers 242
Chapter 33—Students Deciding their Eternal Destiny 245
Chapter 34—Formality, Not Organization, an Evil 253
Chapter 35—To Teachers 260
Chapter 36—Suspension of Students 277
Chapter 37—To the Students at Battle Creek College 285
Chapter 38—Students Required to be Workers with God 291
Chapter 39—Words to Students 297
Chapter 40—Study the Bible for Yourselves 307
Chapter 41—Work and Education 310
Chapter 42—The Basis of True Education 328
Chapter 43—Beware of Imitations 331
Chapter 44—Speedy Preparation for the Work 334
Chapter 45—The Essential Education 368
Chapter 46—Diligent and Thorough Education 373
Chapter 47—Books and Authors in Our Schools 381
Chapter 48—The Great Lesson Book 390
Chapter 49—Higher Education 392
Chapter 50—The Divine Teacher 397
Chapter 51—True Education 405
Chapter 52—Manual Training 416
Chapter 53—Educational Influence of Surroundings 421
Chapter 54—Importance of Physical Culture 425
Chapter 55—The True Higher Education 429
Chapter 56—Christ's Example in Contrast with Formalism 438
Chapter 57—A Divine Example 442
Chapter 58—The Bible the Most Important Book for Education in Our Schools 444
Chapter 59—Correct School Discipline 454
Chapter 60—The Bible in Our Schools 467
Chapter 61—Special Testimony Relating To Politics 475
Chapter 62—Sowing Beside All Waters 487
Chapter 63—The Work of Our Training Schools 488
Chapter 64—Shall We Colonize Around Our Institutions 492
Chapter 65—Lessons from the Life of Solomon 498
Chapter 66—Teachers as Examples of Christian Integrity 504
Chapter 67—The Essential in Education 512
Chapter 68—A Message to Teachers 516
Chapter 69—Provision Made for Our Schools 520
Chapter 70—Teacher, Know Thyself 525
Chapter 71—The Work Before Us 529
Chapter 72—Counsel to Teachers 533
Chapter 73—The True Ideal for Our Youth 541
Chapter 74—A Message for Our Young People 547