Ellen G. White Writings

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God’s Remnant Church (The Remnant Church), Table of Contents

Contents 3
Foreword 4
The Object of His Supreme Regard 5
The Church the Property of God 9
Organization and Development 13
The Accuser and His Work 20
The Church Not Babylon 27
The Church Militant 32
A Divinely Appointed Ministry 36
God Has a Church 40
God’s Love for His Church 44
An Oft-Repeated Assurance 47
Our Denominational Name 50
The General Conference 52
A Message in 1913 to the General Conference in Session*Read to the conference on the afternoon of the first Sabbath of the meeting by Elder W. C. White. 54
Courage in the Lord*This, Ellen G. White’s second message to the General Conference in session in 1913, was read to the conference by the president, A. G. Daniells, Tuesday morning, May 27. 58