Ellen G. White Writings

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Gospel Workers 1892, Table of Contents

Preface v
Table of Contents vii
Ambassadors for Christ 11
Consecration to the Work 23
The Need of Preaching Christ 39
Labor in New Fields 47
The Spirit of Self-Sacrifice 54
Pastoral Labor 70
Faithfulness in Reproving Sin 81
Compassion for the Erring 91
Decision and Promptness in the Work of God 96
Thoroughness in the Work 98
Division of Labor 100
A Personal Faith in Christ Our Greatest Need 102
Meditation and Prayer 106
Answers to Prayer 112
The Cause of Doubts 114
Danger in Cherishing Doubts 118
The Importance of Bible Study 121
How Shall We Search the Scriptures? 125
Examination for the Ministry 131
Young Ministers 133
Manner of Speaking 147
Danger in Overwork 152
Order and Discipline 155
Carefulness in Dress 161
Physical Labor and Mental Activity 163
Our Duty to Preserve Health 172
Well-Balanced Effort 176
Discussions Not to be Sought 181
Engaging in Secular Business 195
Proper Remuneration for Ministers 200
Danger in Self-Confidence 202
Respect for the Sabbath 207
The Minister's Wife 209
Labor at Camp-Meetings 218
Popular Holiness Meetings 226
Business Meetings 229
Conference Presidents 232
Co-Operation Among the Churches 241
Fragments 243
Education for the Missionary Work 282
Young Men as Missionaries 292
Methods of Labor 297
Christ Our Source of Strength 309
Love is Power 311
No Respect of Persons With God 313
Christ's Example a Rebuke to Bigotry and Exclusiveness 319
Opportunities for Christian Work 321
Gathering the Fruit 328
The Danger of Formalism 332
Personal Effort 336
Bible Readings with Families 339
The Work of the Colporteur 341
Importance of the Canvassing Work 343
Cautions to Canvassers 353
Economy in Mission Work 355
Encouraging Words to the Workers 359
Fragments 362
Christ Our Righteousness 411
Christian Deportment and Influence 415
Trust in God 422
Effectual Prayer 425
Are We in the Faith? 429
Christ's Followers the Light of the World 433
Courage in the Lord 438
Love Among Brethren 443
Humility and Faithfulness in Laborers 447
Diligence and Consecration Needed 451
Our Mighty Helper 457
Consistency in the Christian Life 460
Duties and Privileges of the Christian Laborer 464