Ellen G. White Writings

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The Health Food Ministry, Table of Contents

Foreword 3
Table of Contents 5
Health Foods 9
The Restaurant Work 15
Healthful Foods 24
Manufacture of Health Foods 27
Educate the People 32
Introduction to the 1934 Collection 38
As a School Industry 38
Character of Workers 42
A Wide Field 44
God's Substitute for Unhealthful Foods 44
Human Confederacies 45
No Monopoly in the Health Food Work 46
A Part of God's Service 48
A Work of God's Appointment 49
Rational Reforms 50
A Question of Rights 51
Simple and Inexpensive Foods 52
Progressive Light 54
A Legitimate Conference Enterprise 55
Inexpensive Foods 57
Like the Manna 58
Not a Work for the Ministry 59
The Use of Nut Foods 59
The Health Food Manager 60
Connected with Sanitariums 60
Dangers in the Health Food Business 61
Providing Promising Contacts 66
Make the Health Food Work a Blessing 67
A Decided Warning 70
Workers Not to be Drawn from Other Lines 71
Educating by Demonstration 72
Words of Counsel Regarding the Health Food Work 72
A Reformation Needed 76
The Loma Linda Bakery 77
A Specious Offer 82
A Caution Against Heavy Investment in Food Manufacture 85
The Object of Health Food Work 88
Ultimate Aim of Health Food Work 92
As Famine Increases, Foods Will Be Simplified 92
Foods From Local Products in Different Lands 93
Every Hygienic Restaurant to Be a School 94
Our Restaurants to Stand for Principle 94
Ultimate Aim of Health Food Work 95