Ellen G. White Writings

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From Heaven With Love, Table of Contents

Why You Should Read This Book 5
Contents 7
Contents 7
Chapter 1—Christ Before Coming to Earth 11
Chapter 2—The People Who Should Have Welcomed Him 17
Chapter 3—Man's Sin and the “Fullness of the Time” 20
Chapter 4—Born in a Stable 25
Chapter 5—Joseph and Mary Dedicate Jesus 29
Chapter 6—“We Have Seen His Star” 34
Chapter 7—The Child Jesus 40
Chapter 8—The Passover Visit 45
Chapter 9—Christ's Problems as a Child 51
Chapter 10—The Voice in the Wilderness 57
Chapter 11—The Baptism of Jesus 65
Chapter 12—The Wilderness Temptation 69
Chapter 13—The Victory 76
Chapter 14—We Have Found the Messiah 81
Chapter 15—Jesus Attends a Wedding 90
Chapter 16—Christ Confronts Corruption in the Temple 96
Chapter 17—Nicodemus Comes to Jesus at Night 105
Chapter 18—“He Must Increase, But I Must Decrease” 113
Chapter 19—Jesus and the Woman With Five Husbands 116
Chapter 20—“Except Ye See Signs and Wonders” 124
Chapter 21—Bethesda and the Sanhedrin 127
Chapter 22—The Imprisonment and Death of John 137
Chapter 23—How Daniel Identified Jesus as the Christ 146
Chapter 24—“Is Not This the Carpenter's Son?” 150
Chapter 25—The Call by the Sea 156
Chapter 26—Busy and Happy Days at Capernaum 161
Chapter 27—The First Leper to Be Cleansed by Christ 169
Chapter 28—Matthew: From Tax Collector to Apostle 177
Chapter 29—Jesus Rescues the Sabbath 185
Chapter 30—Christ Ordains Twelve Apostles 192
Chapter 31—The Sermon on the Mount 198
Chapter 32—An Army Officer Asks Help for His Servant 209
Chapter 33—How Jesus Related to Family Problems 213
Chapter 34—His Yoke Is Easy and His Burden Light 219
Chapter 35—The Stilling of the Storm 223
Chapter 36—The Touch of Faith Brings Healing 230
Chapter 37—The First Evangelists 234
Chapter 38—Christ and the Twelve Take a Vacation 240
Chapter 39—“Give Ye Them to Eat” 244
Chapter 40—A Night on the Lake 249
Chapter 41—The Crisis in Galilee 254
Chapter 42—Christ Foretells a Great Uprooting 264
Chapter 43—Christ Breaks Down Racial Barriers 267
Chapter 44—The True Sign 271
Chapter 45—The Foreshadowing of the Cross 276
Chapter 46—Jesus Transfigured 284
Chapter 47—A Battle With Satan's Spirits 288
Chapter 48—Who Is the Greatest? 292
Chapter 49—“If Any Man Thirst, Let Him Come!” 300
Chapter 50—Among Snares 306
Chapter 51—“The Light of Life” 313
Chapter 52—The Divine Shepherd 323
Chapter 53—The Last Journey From Galilee 328
Chapter 54—The Good Samaritan 335
Chapter 55—Not With Outward Show 339
Chapter 56—Jesus’ Love for Children 342
Chapter 57—The Rich Young Ruler Lacked One Thing 346
Chapter 58—The Raising of Lazarus 350
Chapter 59—Priests and Rulers Continue Plotting 359
Chapter 60—What Is the Highest Position? 363
Chapter 61—The Little Man Who Became Important 367
Chapter 62—Mary Anoints Jesus 371
Chapter 63—Jesus Acclaimed as Israel's King 380
Chapter 64—A Doomed People 387
Chapter 65—The Temple Cleansed Again 392
Chapter 66—Christ Confounds His Enemies 402
Chapter 67—Jesus’ Last Visit to the Temple 408
Chapter 68—When the Greeks Wished to “See Jesus” 416
Chapter 69—Signs of the Second Coming of Christ 421
Chapter 70—Christ Identifies With the Poor and Suffering 429
Chapter 71—A Servant of Servants 433
Chapter 72—The Lord's Supper Instituted 439
Chapter 73—“Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled” 445
Chapter 74—The Awesome Struggle in Gethsemane 457
Chapter 75—The Illegal Trial of Jesus 465
Chapter 76—How Judas Lost His Soul 476
Chapter 77—Christ's Trial Before the Roman Governor 481
Chapter 78—Jesus Dies on Calvary 495
Chapter 79—How Christ's Death Defeated Satan 506
Chapter 80—Jesus Rests in Joseph's Tomb 512
Chapter 81—“The Lord Is Risen” 520
Chapter 82—“Woman, Why Are You Weeping?” 525
Chapter 83—The Walk to Emmaus 530
Chapter 84—The Resurrected Christ Appears 534
Chapter 85—By the Sea Once More 539
Chapter 86—“Go ... Teach All Nations” 545
Chapter 87—Christ's Triumphal Entry Into Heaven 552