Ellen G. White Writings

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Loma Linda Messages, Table of Contents

Table of Contents 1
A Great Work 1
Instruction to Secure Loma Linda 2
Resolutions 5
Action of General Conference Committee 10
To be Separate from the World 14
Endorsement by the General Conference Committee 16
Endorsed by the Pacific Union Conference 17
An Important Council 22
Prospects 23
Our Needs 24
Testimonies and Experiences in Connection with the Glendale Sanitarium 25
Established Prosperity 33
“Christ's Object Lessons” 46
Extracts from Letters and Mss., on the Training and Work of Medical Missionaries 49
To Stand as God's Witness 51
The Truth, Practiced and Taught, Will Lead to the Conversion of Some 51
To Engage in Soul-Saving in Our Sanitariums 51
God Invests with Holy Dignity Those Who Go Forth in His Power to Heal the Sick 52
In the Early Days, The Workers Were Medical Missionaries, and the Power of God was Manifest in the Healing of the Sick 54
Medical Missionaries and Ministers to Meet Together to Study Bible 55
To be a Medical Missionary, Means to be a Laborer Together with God 55
The Training of Medical Missionaries, Not Properly Understood 56
The Training of Medical Missionaries 56
Privileges and Opportunities of a Gospel Medical Missionary 58
Medical Missionaries to Unite with Ministers 59
Every One to Work as Christ Worked 59
Every One to Work as Christ Worked 60
Every One to Work as Christ Worked 62
Medical Missionaries to be Thoroughly Educated in Bible Lines 62
Medical Missionary Work as a Door to Large Cities 63
The Purpose of Medical Missionary Work 63
Labor in Connection with the Gospel Ministry 64
Make the Bible Your Man of Counsel. Your Acquaintance with it Will Grow Rapidly If You Keep Your Mind from Rubbish 64
Nurses as Missionary Evangelists 66
Physicians and Nurses to Unite with Ministers in Soul-Saving Work 67
Companies Organized and Educated Most Thoroughly to Work as Nurses, as Evangelists, as Ministers, as Canvassers 68
Plans for Medical Missionary Work 69
To Our Brethren and Sisters in Southern California 79
To the Workers in the Glendale Sanitarium 86
The Loma Linda Sanitarium 108
Loma Linda Meeting 118
A Reform Needed 127
To the Executive Committee of the Southern California Conference 128
Notes Of Travel (E. G. W.) 161
To Ministers and Physicians 164
To Elders Reaser, Burden, and the Executive Committee of the Southern California Conference 181
The Workers in the Paradise Valley Sanitarium 197
An Open Letter 204
Individual Responsibility 211
God's Wisdom to be Sought 220
A Change of Heart Needed 221
Jehovah is Our King 229
A Constant Peril 229
An Exalted Privilege 230
Paul's Experience 231
Extracts from Letters to Mrs. S. M. I. Henry. 232
The Work to be Done for the W.C.T.U 235
The Temperance Work 236
To Elder Geo. W. Reaser and the Ministers in Southern Calif 240
Arise Shine 241
Extracts with Explanatory Notes on the Training of Medical Students 247
To the Workers in Southern California 255
To Ministers, Physicians and Teachers in Southern California 266
Provision for our Schools 267
In Humility and Faith 270
To the Workers in Southern California 278
The Responsibilities of a Conference President 288
The Management of Conference Affairs 295
The Work Hindered by Lack of Faith 301
Report of the committee on Suggestive Plans and Resolutions Pacific Union Conference Medical Convention 303
The Work In Southern California 310
Elder J.A. Burden and Others Bearing Responsibilities at Loma Linda 314
To the Leading Men in the Southern California Conference 322
The Work in Southern California 327
(601) Not for Publication 335
A Collection of Extracts from the Testimonies on the Medical Missionary Work 336
The Medical Missionary Work 356
Elder J.A. Burden and Others Bearing Responsibilities at Loma Linda 364
To the Brethren in Southern California 375
Deeper Consecration 377
Instruction to Sanitarium Workers 379
A Plea for Medical Missionary Evangelists. Importance of the Work 383
The Training of Workers 385
Nurses to be Evangelists 386
Portion of a Letter from J. A. Burden to W. C. White, Nov. 18, 1908 390
A Plain Statement of Facts Regarding the Establishment of the Paradise Valley Sanitarium 394
Medical Missionary Work in Southern California 398
The Proposed Transfer 400
A Summary of Facts 401
In Conclusion 403
To the Teachers in Union College 404
Passed by the Southern California Conference 410
Talk by Mrs. E. G. White before the General Conference Committee, June 11, 1909 415
The Relation of Loma Linda to Medical Institutions 424
Memorial 436
Condensed Memorial 446
Extracts from Testimony 459
To the Leading Ministers in California 461
A Message for Our Time on Medical Missionary Work 473
To Our Sanitarium Workers in Southern California 474
“A Statement Regarding the Training of Physicians” 484
A Statement Regarding the Training of Physicians 486
Interview Between Mrs. E. G. White and W. C. White 489
“A Statement Regarding the Training of Physicians 496
Talk to the Students at Loma Linda, Calif.
April 5, 1910.
By Mrs. E. G. White
A Statement Regarding the Training of Physicians 549
To Those in our Sanitariums 559
Remarks of Mrs. E.G. White Regarding Aggressive Moves at Loma Linda 563
Regarding the Purchase of Land Adjoining Loma Linda 579
An Appeal in Behalf of our Medical College 580
Loma Linda 586
A Statement Regarding Some Interviews With Mrs. E. G. White 590
The Purchase of Land at Loma Linda 591
The Work Before Us 598
Be of Good Cheer 611
An Important Interview Regarding Physicians’ Wages 614