Ellen G. White Writings

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Letters to Young Lovers, Table of Contents

Table of Contents 4
Foreword 6
I Love You 7
From the Bible 9
From the Writings of Ellen G. White 9
A Foretaste of Heaven 11
Make your Courtship Last Throughout your Marriage 13
Marriage Is Like Christ's Love for His Chosen People 16
Married Life Gets Better and Better 16
Be Practical 19
What a Young Man Should Look for in a Wife 20
Questions a Girl Should Ask Before Marriage 23
Is It True Love? 29
Love, A Tender Plant 30
The Power of Love 31
When Love is Blind 33
Have I Made The Right Choice? 39
Parents Can Be of Help 45
Don't Keep It a Secret 49
Power in Christ for Self-control 51
Before You Say “I Do!” 51
Broken Engagements 52
Don't Be Squeezed into the World's Mold 60
Pornography and Your Mind 60
Sexual Responsibility of Young Christians 63
Trifling with Hearts 74
Shadow Over the Nest 79
Can Two Walk Together Except They Be Agreed? 80
Will You Gamble with Your Marriage? 89