Ellen G. White Writings

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The Remnant Church; Its Organization, Authority, Unity, and Triumph, Table of Contents

Explanation 3
Table of Contents 3
The Church The Beloved Of God 5
The Authority of the Church 7
Power Delegated to the Church 8
The Unity of the Church 9
The United Effort of Believers 10
God Has an Organized Body 12
Thorough Organization Essential 14
Organization Till the End 14
Judgment of the General Conference 15
The Dawn of a Glorious Day 15
God Will Guide to the End 16
The Church As A Garden 17
Cedars of the Vale 17
A Harmonious Whole 17
Exact Methods Not To Be Prescribed 19
Safeguard Your Brother's Influence 20
Independent Experiments 20
Avoid Self-Confidence 21
Danger of Elation Through Success 21
Independent Judgment To Be Subservient 22
None To Strike Out Alone 22
Be Sure Of The Spirit's Guidance 22
A Needful Discipline 23
In Union There Is Strength 23
Counsel Together And Seek Higher Counsel 24
Self Restraint Necessary 24
Union With Brethren Who Try Us 25
Unity, With Diverse Dispositions 25
To Counsel, As Equals 28
Give the Workers Freedom 29
Unity and Freedom in Council Meetings 30
Remembering One's Own Mistakes 31
Acting in Christ's Stead 32
Patience Under Condemnation 32
Pointing Out Duty in a Compulsory Way 33
Satan Fiercely Assails Responsible Men 33
To Invent New Plans 33
Christ's Presence Means Advance 34
Respect for Humble Workers 35
Recognition of a Brother's Gift 36
Every Work Brought Into Judgment 37
Public Exposure of a Worker's Mistakes 37
Unjust Charges 38
Measuring Out Hard Judgment 39
God is Leading 41
No Call for Despondency 41
Words of Confidence and Encouragement 42
In the Closing Work 43
Many Will Be Stirred 44
Workers From All Classes 45
Hundreds of Workers 45
When the Church is Awakened 45
The Message Will Go With Power 46
Final Success Dependent on Unity 47
An Assurance That There Will Be Unity 48
At the Eleventh Hour 48
Thousands Will Acknowledge the Truth 49
Harvest Proportional to Agencies Used 50
Victory from Apparent Defeat 50
An All-Absorbing Question 50
What Is the Church? 52