Ellen G. White Writings

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Ministry to the Cities, Table of Contents

Ellen White's Earliest Appeal for Cities and Villages 5
Table of Contents 7
Foreword 9
Chapter 1—Lessons From Scripture Regarding City Evangelism 11
Chapter 2—An Essential Work for This Time 25
Chapter 3—Challenges of the City 33
Chapter 4—Total Involvement Needed 47
Chapter 5—A Strategy for Reaching the Cities 55
Chapter 6—Nurturing and Training Workers 69
Chapter 7—Teaching and Reaping Methods 86
Chapter 8—Working Inside and Outside Cities 112
Chapter 9—Christ-Centered Health Ministry*In Ellen White's time this was generally called medical missionary work. 123
Chapter 10—Planting Churches in the Cities 140
Chapter 11—The Work in Specific Cities 151
Chapter 12—A Case Study 185
Epilogue—Go Forward in Faith 195