Ellen G. White Writings

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Messages to Young People, Table of Contents

Preface 7
Table of Contents 9
Chapter 1—Building Character for Eternity 15
Chapter 2—A Call to the Youth 21
Chapter 3—Seeking to Please Him 26
Chapter 4—Standards of Success 27
Chapter 5—Our Day of Opportunity 33
Chapter 6—Heights That May be Attained 36
Chapter 7—Standards of Efficiency 41
Chapter 8—Climbing the Heights 45
Chapter 9—Partnership With God 47
Chapter 10—Satan, a Mighty Foe 51
Chapter 11—The Character of the Conflict 54
Chapter 12—Satan's Special Effort 57
Chapter 13—Temptation No Excuse for Sin 62
Chapter 14—Fortitude 63
Chapter 15—The Soul Temple 65
Chapter 16—Ye Are Not Your Own 68
Chapter 17—True Conversion 71
Chapter 18—Counsel to an Indulged Daughter 75
Chapter 19—Strength of Character Through Conflict 78
Chapter 20—Resisting Temptation 81
Chapter 21—The Deceitfulness of Sin 83
Chapter 22—A Warning Against Skepticism 85
Chapter 23—One Weak Point 91
Chapter 24—Onward and Upward 95
Chapter 25—Perfecting Character 99
Chapter 26—The Fight of Faith 102
Chapter 27—Victory Appropriated 105
Chapter 28—How to Be Strong 107
Chapter 29—The Victorious Life 109
Chapter 30—Living Faith 111
Chapter 31—Union With Christ 118
Chapter 32—Growing in Grace 121
Chapter 33—Conformity to the World 126
Chapter 34—Genuine Christian Experience 131
Chapter 35—Self-discipline 134
Chapter 36—A Living Experience 137
Chapter 37—Faithful in That Which Is Least 143
Chapter 38—Accountability for Light 146
Chapter 39—Earnestness of Purpose 147
Chapter 40—Exercise of the Will 151
Chapter 41—Divine Guidance 156
Chapter 42—Silent Working of the Holy Spirit 157
Chapter 43—The Indwelling Christ 159
Chapter 44—Self-denial 162
Chapter 45—The Character That God Approves 163
Chapter 46—Abiding Presence of Christ 166
Chapter 47—Christian Education 169
Chapter 48—True Education 171
Chapter 49—The Need of Christian Education 173
Chapter 50—Education for Eternity 176
Chapter 51—A Practical Training 177
Chapter 52—Student Loyalty 181
Chapter 53—Student Opportunities 183
Chapter 54—Training for Service 185
Chapter 55—Aspiration for Improvement 188
Chapter 56—True Wisdom 189
Chapter 57—Set a High Standard 192
Chapter 58—The Youth Called to Be Laborers 197
Chapter 59—Responsibility for Soul Winning 199
Chapter 60—Witnessing for Christ 200
Chapter 61—Personal Work 203
Chapter 62—Young People as Soul Winners 204
Chapter 63—Service in Different Lines 208
Chapter 64—Unselfish Service 209
Chapter 65—The Reward of Diligence 210
Chapter 66—The Dignity of Labor 213
Chapter 67—Sowing Beside All Waters 217
Chapter 68—Many Lines of Work 219
Chapter 69—Acceptable Service 226
Chapter 70—Faithfulness in Service 228
Chapter 71—The Science of Living 233
Chapter 72—Safeguarding the Health 235
Chapter 73—Sacredness of Health 236
Chapter 74—A Balanced Education 239
Chapter 75—Education Obtained at Expense of Health 240
Chapter 76—The Insignia of Nobility 241
Chapter 77—Prayer Our Stronghold 247
Chapter 78—The Power of Prayer 249
Chapter 79—Our Attitude in Prayer 251
Chapter 80—Faith and Prayer 252
Chapter 81—The Value of Bible Study 253
Chapter 82—Search the Scriptures for Yourself 258
Chapter 83—Persevering Effort in Bible Study 259
Chapter 84—The Reward of Diligent Bible Study 262
Chapter 85—The Bible as an Educator 263
Chapter 86—Reverence 265
Chapter 87—A Well-grounded Hope 268
Chapter 88—Choice of Reading 271
Chapter 89—Example of the Ephesians 275
Chapter 90—Proper Mental Food 279
Chapter 91—The Bible the Most Interesting Book 283
Chapter 92—Guard Well the Avenues of the Soul 285
Chapter 93—Building Christian Character 287
Chapter 94—The Effect of Fiction 290
Chapter 95—The Benefits of Music 291
Chapter 96—Uses of Music 293
Chapter 97—A Wrong Use of Music 295
Chapter 98—Lessons in Economy 299
Chapter 99—Spirit of Sacrifice 303
Chapter 100—The Tithe 304
Chapter 101—“Honor the Lord With Thy Substance” 306
Chapter 102—Individual Responsibility 309
Chapter 103—Holiday Presents 311
Chapter 104—Economy in Dress 313
Chapter 105—Self-gratification 316
Chapter 106—Economy and Benevolence 320
Chapter 107—A Christian Household 325
Chapter 108—Faithfulness in Home Duties 326
Chapter 109—Home Religion 327
Chapter 110—The Home a Training School 329
Chapter 111—Respect and Love for Parents 331
Chapter 112—A Blessing in the Home 333
Chapter 113—Building Character at Home 335
Chapter 114—Youth to Bear Responsibilities 339
Chapter 115—The Hour of Worship 341
Chapter 116—Religious Hospitality 342
Chapter 117—Elements in Character Building 345
Chapter 118—Dress and Character 349
Chapter 119—Proper Dress 351
Chapter 120—Influence of Dress 353
Chapter 121—Simplicity in Dress 354
Chapter 122—Idolatry of Dress 358
Chapter 123—True Adornment 359
Chapter 124—The Value of Recreation 363
Chapter 125—The Love of Worldly Pleasure 367
Chapter 126—Words of Counsel 371
Chapter 127—Dangerous Amusements for the Young 373
Chapter 128—Establishing Right Principles in the Youth 379
Chapter 129—Unholy Influences at Work 382
Chapter 130—Joy in Religion 383
Chapter 131—Christian Recreation 385
Chapter 132—Social Gatherings 387
Chapter 133—How to Spend Holidays 392
Chapter 134—Literary Societies 394
Chapter 135—Dancing 398
Chapter 136—Social to Save 403
Chapter 137—Christian Sociability and Courtesy 405
Chapter 138—Guiding Principles 407
Chapter 139—The Influence of Association 411
Chapter 140—Influence 417
Chapter 141—The Choice of Companions 419
Chapter 142—The Golden Rule 420
Chapter 143—True Refinement 421
Chapter 144—Rejecting Worldly Associations 423
Chapter 145—Exalted Conversation 425
Chapter 146—Sowing Wild Oats 429
Chapter 147—Irreligious Visitors 432
Chapter 148—True Love 435
Chapter 149—Wrong Forms of Courtship 437
Chapter 150—Engagement With Unbelievers 439
Chapter 151—Need of Counsel and Guidance 443
Chapter 152—Premature Marriage 452
Chapter 153—Marriages, Wise and Unwise 453
Chapter 154—Marrying and Giving in Marriage 456
Chapter 155—Responsibilities of Marriage 461
Chapter 156—Good Judgment and Self-control in Marriage 462
Chapter 157—The Example of Isaac 464