Ellen G. White Writings

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Loma Linda’s Work, Table of Contents

Table of Contents 1
College of Medical Evangelists 2
God's Object and Purpose in Loma Linda The Character of the School 2
For the Training of Physicians 2
Medical Evangelistic Physicians 3
To be Separate from the World 3
Physicians to Pass State Boards 4
A Medical School of the Highest Order 5
Christ the Chief Instructor 6
Our People now being Tested 6
The Question that Tests our Faith 7
Facilities Should be Provided at Loma Linda 7
Attending Worldly Medical Colleges 8
Christian Simplicity in our Education 8
Danger of Imbibing the Spirit of the World 8
A New Understanding of the Medical Work 9
Outline of the School 9
Not Large Salaries 10
The Constant Danger 10
Educated Worldlings 11
Not Deficient in Scientific Knowledge 11
God-Fearing Physicians Speak Modestly 12
Reasons for Establishing a Medical School 13
Loma Linda to Provide All that is Essential 14
A Medical School of the Highest Order 15
Teachers to Encourage a High Standard 15
No Carelessness in Work or Study 16