Ellen G. White Writings

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Camp-Meetings Their Object, and How to Conduct Them, Table of Contents

Table of Contents 1
Their Object, and How to Conduct Them 1
To Reach the Masses 3
An Object Lesson 4
How to Secure Attendance 6
The Members of Our Churches Should Attend Camp-meeting 9
Preparation of Heart Needed 11
Business To Be Deferred 14
Ministerial Help 16
All to be Workers 19
Frequent Prayer and Counsel 20
Need of the Church 22
How to Present the Truth 24
What the People Need 28
The Third Angel's Message 31
Praise Meetings 33
Revival Efforts 36
Less Preaching, More Teaching 39
Intervals Between Discourses 41
Personal Labour 41
Bible Studies 42
A Word is Season 43
Objects for Which Funds Should be Raised at Camp-meeting 44
Results of Camp-meeting Work 44