Ellen G. White Writings

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Gospel Temperance Work, Table of Contents

Table of Contents 3
In the Front Ranks 3
A Revival of Temperance Work 3
Called to the Front 3
A Call to Action 3
Called to the Rescue 4
The Waiting Harvest 4
The Christian to be Temperate 4
A Living Issue 5
To Work For All Classes 5
Working Among the Higher Classes 5
Educate in Self-Denial and Temperance 6
Education to Precede Reform 6
Arouse Intellect and Conscience 6
Our Sisters Can Do Much 7
Fatal Results of Indulgence 7
Importance of Temperance Publications 7
An Untold Influence 8
Training the Child for Right Living 8
Youth to Press to the Front 8
Light-Bearers to the World 9
Steadfastly True to Principle 9
Standing on Higher Ground 10
Should be Leaders 10
Co-Operating with the W. C. T. U. 10
Early Experiences in Co-Operation 11
Should be at Head in Temperance Work 11
Our Efforts to be Multiplied 12
Present the Pledge 12
As Part of the Gospel 12
Temperance Lectures and Restaurant Work 12
Instruction in the Schools 13
Our Golden Opportunity 13
Our Duty in Opposing the Liquor Traffic 13
Join other Christian Workers 14