Ellen G. White Writings

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Prophets and Kings, Table of Contents

Foreword 9
Table of Contents 11
Introduction—The Vineyard of the Lord 15
Chapter 1—Solomon 25
Chapter 2—The Temple and Its Dedication 35
Chapter 3—Pride of Prosperity 51
Chapter 4—Results of Transgression 61
Chapter 5—Solomon's Repentance 75
Chapter 6—The Rending of the Kingdom 87
Chapter 7—Jeroboam 99
Chapter 8—National Apostasy 109
Chapter 9—Elijah the Tishbite 119
Chapter 10—The Voice of Stern Rebuke 129
Chapter 11—Carmel 143
Chapter 12—From Jezreel to Horeb 155
Chapter 13—“What Doest Thou Here?” 167
Chapter 14—“In the Spirit and Power of Elias” 177
Chapter 15—Jehoshaphat 190
Chapter 16—The Fall of the House of Ahab 204
Chapter 17—The Call of Elisha 217
Chapter 18—The Healing of the Waters 229
Chapter 19—A Prophet of Peace 235
Chapter 20—Naaman 244
Chapter 21—Elisha's Closing Ministry 254
Chapter 22—“Nineveh, That Great City” 265
Chapter 23—The Assyrian Captivity 279
Chapter 24—“Destroyed for Lack of Knowledge” 293
Chapter 25—The Call of Isaiah 303
Chapter 26—“Behold Your God!” 311
Chapter 27—Ahaz 322
Chapter 28—Hezekiah 331
Chapter 29—The Ambassadors From Babylon 340
Chapter 30—Deliverance From Assyria 349
Chapter 31—Hope for the Heathen 367
Chapter 32—Manasseh and Josiah 381
Chapter 33—The Book of the Law 392
Chapter 34—Jeremiah 407
Chapter 35—Approaching Doom 422
Chapter 36—The Last King of Judah 440
Chapter 37—Carried Captive Into Babylon 452
Chapter 38—Light Through Darkness 464
Chapter 39—In the Court of Babylon 479
Chapter 40—Nebuchadnezzar's Dream 491
Chapter 41—The Fiery Furnace 503
Chapter 42—True Greatness 514
Chapter 43—The Unseen Watcher 522
Chapter 44—In the Lions’ Den 539
Chapter 45—The Return of the Exiles 551
Chapter 46—“The Prophets of God Helping Them” 567
Chapter 47—Joshua and the Angel 582
Chapter 48—“Not by Might, nor by Power” 593
Chapter 49—In the Days of Queen Esther 598
Chapter 50—Ezra, the Priest and Scribe 607
Chapter 51—A Spiritual Revival 618
Chapter 52—A Man of Opportunity 628
Chapter 53—The Builders on the Wall 635
Chapter 54—A Rebuke Against Extortion 646
Chapter 55—Heathen Plots 653
Chapter 56—Instructed in the Law of God 661
Chapter 57—Reformation 669
Chapter 58—The Coming of a Deliverer 681
Chapter 59—“The House of Israel” 703
Chapter 60—Visions of Future Glory 722