Ellen G. White Writings

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The Publishing Ministry, Table of Contents

Foreword 5
Table of Contents 6
Chapter 1—Dorchester Vision of 1848 and Our First Publishing Ventures 15
Chapter 2—Established in Sacrifice 26
Chapter 3—The January 3, 1875, Vision and World Expansion 33
Chapter 4—God's Purpose in the Publishing Work 40
Chapter 5—A Sacred Work 57
Chapter 6—High Spiritual Standards for God's Workmen 63
Chapter 7—Work Qualifications and Efficiency 78
Chapter 8—Training of Workers 91
Chapter 9—Quality Message Literature Needed 95
Chapter 10—Importance of Economy 105
Chapter 11—Relationship Between the Publishing House and the Church 114
Chapter 12—Not Kingly, but Christlike Leadership 127
Chapter 13—Evils Resulting from Centralization and Colonization 141
Chapter 14—Commercial Versus Denominational Printing 160
Chapter 15—Divine Rebuke for Ignoring Counsel 167
Chapter 16—Relocating and Rebuilding 179
Chapter 17—Establishing Publishing Houses in New Locations 184
Chapter 18—The Publication of Books by Ellen G. White 205
Chapter 19—Book Sales and Illustrations 211
Chapter 20—Periodicals and their Circulation 221
Chapter 21—Writers and Royalties 230
Chapter 22—Wages for Publishing-House Workers 239
Introduction 253
Chapter 23—Elements of Good Leadership 255
Chapter 24—Teaching Literature Evangelism 265
Chapter 25—Recruiting Literature Evangelists 271
Chapter 26—God's Plan for Students and Youth 286
Chapter 27—Training Literature Evangelists to Sell 292
Chapter 28—Training Literature Evangelists to Win Souls 301
Chapter 29—Literature for a Finished Work 312
Introduction 321
Chapter 30—ABC—Spiritual Blueprint 323
Chapter 31—Careful Management and Promotion 331
Chapter 32—Sales Promotion of Books 336
Chapter 33—Distribution of Tracts and Periodicals 347
Chapter 34—Circulating the Spirit of Prophecy Books 354
Chapter 35—Christ's Object Lessons and the Ministry of Healing 362
Chapter 36—Literature Outreach by Adventists 368
Chapter 37—Literature for Adventist Homes 375
Chapter 38—Literature Giving the Final Call 385
Chapter 39—A Witness Unto All Nations 391
Chapter 40—An Unprecedented Harvest 396