Ellen G. White Writings

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The Story of Jesus, Table of Contents

Preface 12
Table of Contents 12
Chapter 1—The Birth of Jesus 13
Chapter 2—Jesus Presented in the Temple 17
Chapter 3—The Visit of the Wise Men 21
Chapter 4—The Flight Into Egypt 25
Chapter 5—Child Life of Jesus 29
Chapter 6—Days of Conflict 37
Chapter 7—The Baptism 41
Chapter 8—The Temptation 43
Chapter 9—Early Ministry 49
Chapter 10—Teachings of Christ 59
Chapter 11—Sabbathkeeping 67
Chapter 12—The Good Shepherd 75
Chapter 13—Riding Into Jerusalem 83
Chapter 14—“Take These Things Hence” 89
Chapter 15—At the Passover Supper 93
Chapter 16—In Gethsemane 101
Chapter 17—The Betrayal and Arrest 107
Chapter 18—Before Annas, Caiaphas, and the Sanhedrin 113
Chapter 19—Judas 119
Chapter 20—Before Pilate 123
Chapter 21—Before Herod 129
Chapter 22—Condemned by Pilate 133
Chapter 23—Calvary 139
Chapter 24—Death of Christ 145
Chapter 25—In Joseph's Tomb 149
Chapter 26—He Is Risen 153
Chapter 27—Go Tell My Disciples 157
Chapter 28—Witnesses 161
Chapter 29—The Ascension 167
Chapter 30—Coming Again 173
Chapter 31—A Day of Judgment 179
Chapter 32—The Home of the Saved 183