Ellen G. White Writings

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The Story of Redemption, Table of Contents

Table of Contents 5
God's Love Triumphant at Last 9
Chapter 1—The Fall of Lucifer 13
Chapter 2—The Creation 20
Chapter 3—Consequences of Rebellion 24
Chapter 4—Temptation and Fall 32
Chapter 5—The Plan of Salvation 42
Chapter 6—Cain and Abel and Their Offerings 52
Chapter 7—Seth and Enoch 57
Chapter 8—The Flood 62
Chapter 9—The Tower of Babel 72
Chapter 10—Abraham and the Promised Seed 75
Chapter 11—The Marriage of Isaac 84
Chapter 12—Jacob and Esau 87
Chapter 13—Jacob and the Angel 94
Chapter 14—The Children of Israel 100
Chapter 15—God's Power Revealed 112
Chapter 16—Israel's Escape From Bondage 119
Chapter 17—Israel's Journeyings 126
Chapter 18—The Law of God 137
Chapter 19—The Sanctuary 151
Chapter 20—The Spies and Their Report 158
Chapter 21—The Sin of Moses 164
Chapter 22—The Death of Moses 170
Chapter 23—Entering the Promised Land 175
Chapter 24—The Ark of God and the Fortunes of Israel 183
Chapter 25—The First Advent of Christ 196
Chapter 26—The Ministry of Christ 202
Chapter 27—The Betrayal of Christ 208
Chapter 28—The Trial of Christ 213
Chapter 29—The Crucifixion of Christ 220
Chapter 30—The Resurrection of Christ 230
Chapter 31—The Ascension of Christ 239
Chapter 32—Pentecost 241
Chapter 33—The Healing of the Cripple 248
Chapter 34—Loyalty to God Under Persecution 254
Chapter 35—Gospel Order 259
Chapter 36—Death of Stephen 262
Chapter 37—The Conversion of Saul 268
Chapter 38—The Early Ministry of Paul 276
Chapter 39—The Ministry of Peter 281
Chapter 40—Peter Delivered From Prison 292
Chapter 41—In the Regions Beyond 301
Chapter 42—Paul's Years of Ministry 310
Chapter 43—Martyrdom of Paul and Peter 315
Chapter 44—The Great Apostasy 320
Chapter 45—The Mystery of Iniquity 326
Chapter 46—Early Reformers 335
Chapter 47—Luther and the Great Reformation 340
Chapter 48—Progress of the Reformation 346
Chapter 49—Failure to Advance 353
Chapter 50—The First Angel's Message 356
Chapter 51—The Second Angel's Message 364
Chapter 52—The Midnight Cry 369
Chapter 53—The Sanctuary 375
Chapter 54—The Third Angel's Message 379
Chapter 55—A Firm Platform 385
Chapter 56—Satan's Delusions 388
Chapter 57—Spiritualism 393
Chapter 58—The Loud Cry 399
Chapter 59—The Close of Probation 402
Chapter 60—The Time of Jacob's Trouble 406
Chapter 61—Deliverance of the Saints 409
Chapter 62—The Saints’ Reward 413
Chapter 63—The Millennium 415
Chapter 64—The Second Resurrection 418
Chapter 65—The Coronation of Christ 421
Chapter 66—The Second Death 427
Chapter 67—The New Earth 430