Ellen G. White Writings

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The Southern Work, Table of Contents

Table of Contents 3
Introduction 5
Our Duty to the Colored People 9
Work Among the Colored People 19
An Appeal for the Southern Field 25
An Appeal for the South—2 31
An Appeal for the South—3 37
An Example in History 41
The Bible the Colored People's Hope 46
Spirit and Life for the Colored People 51
“Am I My Brother's Keeper?” 54
Lift Up Your Eyes and Look on the Field 58
Volunteers Wanted for the Southern Field 63
Words of Precaution Regarding Sunday Labor 66
Proper Methods of Work in the Southern Field 72
The Southern Field 79
Colonization Not Advisable 83
The Field Becoming Difficult 88
Further Counsel Regarding a Colony in the South 91
A Neglected Work 94
Principles Regarding Restitution 96