Ellen G. White Writings

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Spalding and Magan Collection, Table of Contents

Table of Contents 1
Copy of Three Early Visions 1
Praying for the Sick 5
The Bible in the Public Schools 8
Domestic Education 9
Authors and Subjects in Our Schools 10
Battle Creek and the Southern Field 13
Sunday Labor: And the Way to Oppose Error 19
Methods of Work in the Southern Field 26
Diet for Workers and Sick 30
Forwardness and Consolidation 33
Temperance in Diet 38
Meat-Eating 38
Meat Eating 45
The Essential Education 48
Our School Work 53
True Education 56
Controlling Brethren 60
Exercise Versus Amusement. 69
Behavior of Students 75
Words to the Young 77
Hearing and Doing 80
Unity in Work and in Counsel 87
Dress Reform 90
Study for Time and Eternity 93
Short Work in School 95
Rational Education 96
Training an Army of Missionaries 99
To Teachers 104
Adopting Infant Children 114
Principles of Finance 117
The Need of Harmonious Action Among Teachers 119
Life in Medical Missionary Work 122
Practical Missionary Work a Branch of Education 125
(A part of this Testimony is contained in Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students, 545 ff.) 125
Financial, Social, and Spiritual Education Low Tuition 128
School Finance 132
The Education Our Schools Should Bring 134
A Satanic Program 140
Bible Teaching in our Schools 141
Dealing with Delinquent Students 143
The Review and Herald and the College Debt 147
School Diet, Etc. 151
Help to be Given to our Schools 161
Kingly Power 162
The Regular Lines 174
Neglect of the Southern Field 177
The Work of Christ's Object Lessons and the Berrien Springs School 181
The Church School 183
Lines Regular and Irregular 191
Student Teachers 196
The School at Berrien Springs 198
Faith Under Discouragements 201
Help for Berrien Springs 203
The Necessity of a Close Walk with God 205
Results of Indulgence in Meat-Eating 208
Meat Diet and Life in Cities From MS. 133, ‘02 (P) 211
Selection of Sanitarium Workers. From K. 200, ‘02 (P) 212
Systematic Giving 214
The Use of the Tithe 215
The Work in Nashville 216
Instruction Regarding the Southern Work 219
The Use of Talents 223
The Trees of the Lord 228
The Mantle of Christ 230
Counsels In Reform 232
Unwise Changes 234
The Work at Berrien Springs 235
A Call to Service 237
The School of the Home 239
Consolidation and Control 246
September 3 248
The Influence of Diet on Council-Meetings 250
Establishing Schools in the South 253
Instruction in Regard to Sanitariums 256
Strong Minds and Weak Stomachs 259
Counsels on Health and the Southern Field. From B. 200, 1903 (P) 260
Points in Diet. From B 62, 1903 (P) 261
The Work of Our Fernando School 262
Professionalism Versus Simplicity 267
The Work in the South 269
Our Attitude Toward the Work and Workers in the Southern Field. (Diary) 274
Principles for the Guidance of Men in Positions of Responsibility 279
The Work in the Southern Field 282
To the Teachers of the Fernando School 293
To Those in Charge of the Fernando School 295
To the Students of the Fernando School 296
Right Principles of Management 297
To Those in Council at Battle Creek, Michigan 301
To Our Brethren in Council at Battle Creek 303
Be Strong, and of Good Courage 305
The Reopening of Battle Creek College, and the Fault of Large Institutions 306
Bound, Not to Men, But to God 308
To the Leaders in Our Medical Work 310
Be Not Weary in Well-Doing 314
The Training of Medical Missionaries 316
The Development of the Medical Missionary Work 318
Teach the Word 320
A Warning of Danger 324
The Battle Creek College Debt 325
Giving Heed to Seducing Spirits 328
Proposed Plan for Book, “Education” 330
Stepping Off the Platform 331
The Specious Working of Satan 339
A New Conversion Needed 341
God Above All 344
Work Misrepresented 345
Unify 348
The Huntsville School 359
The Necessity of Harmony 361
The Signing of Agreements 366
The Closing of the Southern Field 371
The Work in the Southern States 372
Will You Help? 375
Unity, Not Consolidation 376
Pioneers in the South 377
The Conditions in Nashville 381
Judge Not 383
The Madison Sanitarium 385
Harmonize As Christian Workers 387
We Must Not Pull Apart 388
Simplicity in Treatments 389
Local Health Foods 391
The Work at Madison 391
Silence is Eloquence 393
Cautions to a Reformer 393
Help the Workers 395
Awake! Awake! Awake! 396
Do Not Colonize 397
Helping the Madison School 398
Support to be Given Madison 399
Encourage the Workers 400
The Right Use of Means 402
A Broader Work 405
A Missionary Field 408
All ye are Brethren 410
The Work God Has Appointed 411
The Right of Way to the Footstool of Christ 412
Go Not to Human Agencies 414
Health Reform Essential for These Times 418
To Those Bearing Responsibilities in Washington and Other Centers 419
An Appeal for the Madison School 425
Backsliding in Health Reform 426
Home Schools. (Partly included in Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students, 158 ff.) 430
The Aim of Our School Work 432
Is Man to be a Dictator? 435
Work for Every Member of the Family 438
Call Your Forces Into Action 438
A Division of Large Companies 440
The True Higher Education. (Part of this are contained in Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students, 11 ff.) 441
The Hillcrest School 445
To Our People in the Southern States 447
W.C.W. 449
The Last Days of Mrs. E. G. White 451
A Message for Our Young People 453
“I Know My Work is Done.” (A Circular Letter from W. C. White.) 455
“I Go Only a Little Before the Others” 456
“Unto Him be Glory.” W. C. W. 457
We are Laborers Together 462
Who has Told Sister White? 465
A Messenger 479
Appeals for Means 498