Ellen G. White Writings

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True Education, Table of Contents

Table of Contents 3
Foreword 5
Chapter 1—The Source and Aim of True Education 9
Chapter 2—The Eden School 14
Chapter 3—The Knowledge of Good and Evil 16
Chapter 4—Relation of Education to Redemption 20
Chapter 5—The Education of Israel 23
Chapter 6—The Schools of the Prophets 31
Chapter 7—Lives of Great Men 35
Chapter 8—The Teacher Sent From God 46
Chapter 9—An Illustration of His Methods 52
Chapter 10—God in Nature 59
Chapter 11—Lessons of Life 61
Chapter 12—Other Object Lessons 68
Chapter 13—Mental and Spiritual Culture 73
Chapter 14—Science and the Bible 77
Chapter 15—Business Principles and Methods 82
Chapter 16—Bible Biographies 87
Chapter 17—Poetry and Song 95
Chapter 18—Mysteries of the Bible 101
Chapter 19—History and Prophecy 104
Chapter 20—Bible Teaching and Study 111
Chapter 21—Study of Physiology 117
Chapter 22—Temperance and Dietetics 121
Chapter 23—Recreation 125
Chapter 24—Manual Training 130
Chapter 25—Education and Character 136
Chapter 26—Methods of Teaching 140
Chapter 27—Deportment 147
Chapter 28—Relation of Dress to Education 152
Chapter 29—The Sabbath 155
Chapter 30—Faith and Prayer 157
Chapter 31—The Lifework 163
Chapter 32—Preparation 170
Chapter 33—Cooperation 176
Chapter 34—Discipline 179
Chapter 35—The School of the Hereafter 187