Ellen G. White Writings

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Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers, Table of Contents

Table of Contents v
Preface to Third Edition ix
Historical Foreword xv
Chapter 1—The Object of His Supreme Regard 15
Chapter 2—The Church the Property of God 19
Chapter 3—Organization and Development 24
Chapter 4—The Remnant Church Not Babylon 32
Chapter 5—Danger of Rejecting Truth 63
Chapter 6—A Faithful Message 77
Chapter 7—Worldly Amusements 82
Chapter 8—Rejecting the Light 89
Chapter 9—“Let Him That Thinketh He Standeth Take Heed Lest He Fall” 98
Chapter 10—How Shall We Search the Scriptures? 105
Chapter 11—The Study of the Books of Daniel and the Revelation 112
Chapter 12—Dig Deeper 119
Chapter 13—True Education in Our Churches 120
Chapter 14—Sabbath Observance the Sign of Loyalty 131
Chapter 15—Call to a Higher Standard 142
Chapter 16—Reasons for Inefficiency, and the Remedy 159
Chapter 17—Need of Divine Power and Wisdom 162
Chapter 18—Return to the First Love 167
Chapter 19—The Power of the Holy Spirit Awaits Our Demand and Reception 174
Chapter 20—To Be Practiced in All Things 177
Chapter 21—The Wedding Ring 180
Chapter 22—Improvement in the Work 181
Chapter 23—Idleness 183
Chapter 24—The Spirit of Jesus 184
Chapter 25—The Lord Is Soon Coming 187
Chapter 26—Love and Confidence Among Brethren 189
Chapter 27—Receiving Gifts 197
Chapter 28—Solemn Times 200
Chapter 29—Activity in Our Churches 204
Chapter 30—Direct Dependence on God 208
Chapter 31—God the Master Worker 210
Chapter 32—Humility 220
Chapter 33—Calmness and Consideration 227
Chapter 34—Hovering Over the Churches 230
Chapter 35—Proper Education 239
Chapter 36—Less of Self 245
Chapter 37—Counsel Together 252
Chapter 38—The Evil of Long Sermons 256
Chapter 39—Knowing God 258
Chapter 40—The Need of Spiritual Discernment 264
Chapter 41—Connection with God's Work 279
Chapter 42—The Need of Divine Guidance 297
Chapter 43—Use of Individual Judgment 301
Chapter 44—A Faithful Tithe 305
Chapter 45—Practical Instruction in Labor 309
Chapter 46—Counsel and Guidance 319
Chapter 47—Conference Presidents 327
Chapter 48—A Warning Against Political Entanglements 331
Chapter 49—Conference Officers 340
Chapter 50—“All Ye are Brethren” 347
Chapter 51—“Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me” 359
Chapter 52—Under Which Banner? 364
Chapter 53—The Lord Has a Controversy With His People 374
Chapter 54—The Preciousness of Christ to His Followers 387
Chapter 55—A Reproof for Selfishness 392
Chapter 56—Zeal for Christ 400
Chapter 57—God's Messengers 404
Chapter 58—Our Message 415
Chapter 59—God to be Sought 417
Chapter 60—“Give Me Thine Heart” 418
Chapter 61—Sowing Beside All Waters 423
Chapter 62—Clean Hands and Pure Hearts 426
Chapter 63—“Be Ye Clean” 444
Chapter 64—All the Lord's 456
Chapter 65—The World's Need 457
Chapter 66—Danger in Adopting Worldly Policy in the Work of God 460
Chapter 67—The Snares of Satan 472
Chapter 68—Let Heaven Guide 475
Chapter 69—Jehovah Is Our King 477
Chapter 70—Individual Responsibility and Christian Unity 485
Chapter 71—Pray for the Latter Rain 506
Chapter 72—Words of Greeting 513
Chapter 73—The Victorious Life 516