Ellen G. White Writings

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True Revival, Table of Contents

Table of Contents 5
Preface 7
Chapter 1—Calls for a Revival 9
Chapter 2—Conversions—Fake or Real 17
Chapter 3—How to Be a Born-again Christian 29
Chapter 4—God Has Rules Too 38
Chapter 5—The Balance in Faith and Works 42
Chapter 6—Saved Only “In Christ” 47
Chapter 7—Beware the Counterfeits 54
Chapter 8—It's Still a Fight 65
Chapter 9—Safeguarding the New Experience 71
Chapter 10—Special Appeals in Public Ministry1Ellen G. White, in her public ministry effectively employed the appeal which called for a response. Presented here are accounts of a number of instances which reveal her use of such methods under varying circumstances.—Compilers. 86