Ellen G. White Writings

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Testimonies to Southern Africa, Table of Contents

The Ellen G. White Africa Collection 4
Table of Contents 6
Chapter 1—Counsel to Missionaries en Route to Africa 7
Chapter 2—Letter to a Minister and His Wife Bound for Africa 14
Chapter 3—Counsel to Missionaries in Africa 21
Chapter 4—Walk in All Humility 28
Chapter 5—Five Letters to Members of the Wessels Family in South Africa 36
Chapter 6—Extracts of Other Letters to the Wessels Family 54
Chapter 7—Four Letters to a Leading Missionary Worker in Africa 63
Chapter 8—Letter to a Missionary Wife in Africa 75
Chapter 9—Counsel to a Missionary in Africa 77
Chapter 10—A Second Letter of Counsel to a Missionary in Africa 85
Chapter 11—Words to the Workers in Africa 92
Chapter 12—Extracts of Letter to a General Conference Representative Visiting in Africa 96