Ellen G. White Writings

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Testimonies on Sexual Behavior, Adultery, and Divorce, Table of Contents

Preface 5
Table of Contents 9
Chapter 1—Important Facts and Principles 13
Chapter 2—Cautions and Counsels 19
Chapter 3—Individuality 25
Chapter 4—Remarriage of Widows and Widowers 31
Chapter 5—The Christian Spouse's Behavior 39
Chapter 6—Counsels to Walter and Laura 54
Chapter 7—Admonition to Walter's Second Mother-in-law 67
Chapter 8—Failure of Walter's Second Marriage 74
Chapter 9—Separation 76
Chapter 10—Grounds for Divorce 78
Chapter 11—The Sin of Licentiousness 81
Chapter 12—Disregard of the Seventh Commandment 98
Chapter 13—Dealing with Impure Thoughts and Suggestions 103
Chapter 14—Sexual Excess within Marriage 109
Chapter 15—Petting and Premarital Sex 117
Chapter 16—Homosexuality 119
Chapter 17—Masturbation 121
Chapter 18—Child Abuse 124
Chapter 19—A Housewife2[A married woman who had become infatuated with another woman's husband to the point of committing adultery.] 130
Chapter 20—A Long-Standing Adventist and His Mistress 133
Chapter 21—A Hospital Worker 145
Chapter 22—A Sanitarium Superintendent 147
Chapter 23—A Would-Be Sanitarium Superintendent 155
Chapter 24—A Medical Doctor 158
Chapter 25—A Literature Evangelist 163
Chapter 26—A Public Evangelist 166
Chapter 27—An Honored Minister 182
Chapter 28—An Influential Minister 193
Chapter 29—Four Unholy Ministers 199
Chapter 30—Ellen White's Assistants 206
Chapter 31—Respect for Unbiblical Marriages 218
Chapter 32—Brother G 219
Chapter 33—Stephen Belden 223
Chapter 34—William E (Part I) 225
Chapter 35—William E (Part II) 228
Chapter 36—Appeal to Ministers 235
Chapter 37—Counsel to a General Conference President 239
Chapter 38—Counsels to City Mission and Institutional Leaders 243
Chapter 39—The Adulterer and Church Membership 247
Chapter 40—A Statement by Ellen and James White 250
Chapter 41—God's Love for the Sinner 253
Chapter 42—Understanding Others 260