Ellen G. White Writings

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Testimonies on Sabbath-School Work, Table of Contents

Table of Contents 4
Introduction 5
Chapter 1—The Sabbath-School and the Church Service 7
Chapter 2—The Use of Helps 9
Chapter 3—Search the Scriptures 10
Chapter 4—Sabbath-School Duties in the Camp-Meeting and at Home 12
Chapter 5—To Superintendents and Teachers 16
Chapter 6—Sabbath-School Influences 20
Chapter 7—Possibilities in Sabbath-School Work 29
Chapter 8—Responsibilities of Parents and Teachers 35
Chapter 9—Need of Genuine Religion in Our Sabbath-Schools 41
Chapter 10—Cooperation with Christ 47
Chapter 11—The Object of Sabbath-School Work 50
Chapter 12—Heart Work in Sabbath-School Teacher and Scholar 54
Chapter 13—The Teacher Must Be a Learner 58
Chapter 14—The Spirit of Investigation Essential 62
Chapter 15—What It Means to be a Laborer with God 67
Chapter 16—The All-Important Lesson 70
Chapter 17—Need of Consecrated Teachers 73
Chapter 18—Christ Our Example 76
Chapter 19—Treatment of Erring Pupils 77
Chapter 20—Qualifications of Teachers 80
Chapter 21—Safety in Following Christ 83
Chapter 22—Fresh Themes to be Presented 85
Chapter 23—To Teachers 87
Chapter 24—Danger of Formalism 89
Chapter 25—The Holy Spirit Essential to Success 91
Chapter 26—Consecration of Teachers 95
Chapter 27—Safeguarding the Children 98
Chapter 28—Love the Constraining Power 100
Chapter 29—God's Manner of Imparting Knowledge 105
Chapter 30—Fragments 107