Ellen G. White Writings

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Temperance, Table of Contents

Foreword 5
Table of Contents 7
Chapter 1—The Original Perfection of Man 11
Chapter 2—The Inception of Intemperance 12
Chapter 3—Impairment Through Indulged Appetite 14
Chapter 4—Importance of Christ's Victory Over Appetite 19
Chapter 1—An Incentive to Crime 23
Chapter 2—An Economic Problem 27
Chapter 3—Alcohol and the Home 30
Chapter 4—A Cause of Accidents 34
Chapter 5—A Public-Health Problem 36
Chapter 6—Alcohol and Men in Responsible Positions 43
Chapter 1—Effects of Tobacco Use 55
Chapter 2—Tobacco's Polluting, Demoralizing Influence 58
Chapter 3—Defiling the Temple of God 62
Chapter 4—An Economic Waste 66
Chapter 5—The Power of Example 68
Chapter 1—Abstain From Fleshy Lusts 73
Chapter 2—Tea and Coffee 75
Chapter 3—Drugs 82
Chapter 1—Importance of Strictly Temperate Habits 90
Chapter 2—Psychological Effects of Mild Intoxicants 92
Chapter 3—The Intoxicating Effects of Wine and Cider 94
Chapter 4—Wine in the Bible 97
Chapter 5—Christians and the Production of Liquor- Making Products 98
Chapter 6—Temperance and Total Abstinence 101
Chapter 1—Only as the Life Is Changed 102
Chapter 2—Conversion the Secret of Victory 104
Chapter 3—The Will the Key to Success 110
Chapter 4—Enduring Victory 115
Chapter 5—Help for the Tempted 120
Chapter 1—Counsel on How to Work 126
Chapter 2—The Temperance Worker 130
Chapter 1—What True Temperance Embodies 137
Chapter 2—The Body the Temple 142
Chapter 3—Temperance and Spirituality 146
Chapter 4—Daniel's Example 151
Chapter 5—The Food on Our Tables 156
Chapter 6—Total Abstinence Our Position 163
Chapter 7—Relation to Church Membership 165
Chapter 8—Seventh-day Adventists Spiritual Leaders 166
Chapter 1—Prenatal Influence 170
Chapter 2—The Strength of Inherited Tendencies 173
Chapter 3—Formation of Behavior Patterns 175
Chapter 4—Parental Example and Guidance 180
Chapter 5—Teaching Self-Denial and Self-Control 181
Chapter 6—Youth and the Future 186
Chapter 1—Education in Temperance 194
Chapter 2—Signing the Pledge 197
Chapter 3—Removing the Temptation 203
Chapter 4—Diversion and Harmless Substitutes 209
Chapter 5—The Sense of Moral Obligation 213
Chapter 1—Working Together 217
Chapter 2—Co-operating With the W.C.T.U. 222
Chapter 1—The Present Situation 227
Chapter 2—Called to the Battle 233
Chapter 3—By Voice—a Part of Our Evangelistic Message 237
Chapter 4—Temperance Education an Objective of Our Medical Work 245
Chapter 5—The Influence of the Pen 248
Chapter 6—The Power of the Vote 253
Chapter 7—The Call to the Harvest 256
Appendix A Ellen G. White a Temperance Worker 259
Appendix B Typical Temperance Addresses By Ellen G. White 267