Ellen G. White Writings

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Unlikely Leaders, Table of Contents

Contents 3
Foreword 5
God’s Purpose for His Church 7
The Training of the Twelve 9
The Good News to Go Everywhere 12
Pentecost: The Apostles Begin Their Work 15
The Gift of the Spirit Is for Us 19
Peter and John Forbidden to Do Christ’s Work 23
A Dishonest Husband and Wife Punished 27
Peter and John Freed From Prison 30
Why the Seven Deacons Were Chosen 34
Stephen, the First Martyr for Christ 37
The Gospel Reaches Samaria and Ethiopia 39
From Saul to Paul: Persecutor to Disciple 43
How God Educated Paul 47
The Gospel Goes to the Gentiles 50
An Angel Delivers Peter From Prison 54
Dramatic Success at Antioch 59
Heralds of the Gospel 63
The Apostles Are Both Persecuted and Adored 67
Thorny Problems Settled by the Holy Spirit 71
Paul’s Secret: Exalt the Cross 76
Angels Open a Philippian Prison 79
A Revival and a Riot at Thessalonica 83
Paul Preaches in Berea and Athens 87
Preaching the Power of the Cross in Corinth 91
Two Important Letters to the Thessalonians 95
Church Politics at Corinth 100
Witchcraft Books Burned 104
The Silversmiths Riot at Ephesus 108
Paul Challenges Lawsuits and Sexual Looseness 111
Paul Strengthens the Church for All Time 115
Corinth Accepts Paul’s Counsel 120
The Joy of Liberal Giving 124
Working Under Great Difficulties 128
The Joy of Working With Christ 132
God’s Special Plan for the Jews 136
Paul’s Timeless Letter to the Galatians 140
Paul’s Farewell Journey to Jerusalem 142
Paul Receives Bad Advice 146
Paul’s Trial at Caesarea 153
Paul Appeals to Caesar 156
The King Who Refused the Cross 158
Paul Experiences Shipwreck in a Storm 161
Paul in Rome: Big-City Evangelist in Chains 165
Paul Wins Converts in the Emperor’s Palace 170
The Letters Paul Wrote From Rome 173
Paul Is Free Once More 178
Paul’s Final Arrest and Imprisonment 180
Paul Again Before Nero 181
Paul Pours Out His Heart in His Last Letter 183
Paul Dies for the One Who Died for Him 187
The Apostle Peter, a Faithful Undershepherd 189
Peter Crucified at Rome 194
John, the Beloved Disciple 197
John, Faithful Witness for Christ 200
John’s Secret of True Sanctification 204
John Is Exiled to Lonely Patmos 208
John Sees the Visions of the Revelation 211
A Glorious Future Is Before Us 216