Ellen G. White Writings

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The Voice in Speech and Song, Table of Contents

Introduction 5
Table of Contents 7
Chapter 1—A Heavenly Talent 13
Chapter 2—Design for Communication 17
Chapter 3—A Tool for Evangelism 23
Chapter 4—Importance of Speech Education 30
Chapter 5—The Role of Parents 33
Chapter 6—The Role of Teachers 36
Chapter 7—Students and Speech 42
Chapter 8—The Influence of Words 48
Chapter 9—Persuasion Through Speech 59
Chapter 10—Misuse of the Gift 64
Chapter 11—Nature of His Voice 71
Chapter 12—Effectiveness of Presentation 75
Chapter 13—Love, Sympathy, and Kindness 79
Chapter 14—Patient Calmness 82
Chapter 15—Simplicity 84
Chapter 16—Power, Authority, and Earnestness 89
Chapter 17—Words of Truth 95
Chapter 18—No Complicated Reasoning nor Argument 97
Chapter 19—Christ's Study of Countenances 99
Chapter 20—Adaptation to His Listeners 101
Chapter 21—Illustrations, Symbols, and Figures of Speech 104
Chapter 22—The Worker's Model 109
Chapter 23—Revelation of Christ 115
Chapter 24—Modesty, Truthfulness, and Discretion 120
Chapter 25—Kinds of Negative Speaking 123
Chapter 26—Love and Kindness 131
Chapter 27—Effect of Words on Oneself 136
Chapter 28—Discernment in Reproof 140
Chapter 29—Praise and Thanksgiving 148
Chapter 30—Care in Speaking of Others 151
Chapter 31—Hope and Encouragement 155
Chapter 32—Faith a Topic of Conversation 162
Chapter 33—Simplicity in Our Speech 165
Chapter 34—Importance of the Subject 173
Chapter 35—Clarity and Purity of Utterance 181
Chapter 36—Importance of General Health 191
Chapter 37—Proper Use of the Voice 195
Chapter 38—Love and Kindness 207
Chapter 39—Simplicity and Clarity 214
Chapter 40—Pure Language 222
Chapter 41—Earnestness and Assurance 225
Chapter 42—Conversational Manner 232
Chapter 43—No Harsh Words nor Debating Spirit 238
Chapter 44—Brevity 247
Chapter 45—Speed and Tone 258
Chapter 46—Anecdotes and Humor 269
Chapter 47—Illustrations and Visual Aids 276
Chapter 48—Oratorical and Theatrical Display 283
Chapter 49—Danger of Excessive Emotion 290
Chapter 50—Being Heard, but Not by Shouting 294
Chapter 51—Refinement and Solemnity of Demeanor 298
Chapter 52—Every Person an Original 299
Chapter 53—The Real Proof of Preaching 301
Chapter 54—Christ the Sum and Substance 311
Chapter 55—Promise of the Holy Spirit 317
Chapter 56—Eternal Truth 319
Chapter 57—Testing Truths 325
Chapter 58—Soon Coming of Christ 335
Chapter 59—The Way of Salvation 337
Chapter 60—Practical Godliness 344
Chapter 61—Men and Women of the Bible 351
Chapter 62—Medieval Reformers 379
Chapter 63—Adventist Pioneers 387
Chapter 64—The Power of Song 407
Chapter 65—Christ's Singing 412
Chapter 66—Voice Culture and Song 414
Chapter 67—Wrong Use of the Voice in Music 417
Chapter 68—Singing That Is to God's Glory 427
Chapter 69—Song a Part of Worship 432
Chapter 70—Singing a Means of Witness 441
Chapter 71—Singing in Israel's Experience 444
Chapter 72—Song at Christ's Resurrection and Ascension 458
Chapter 73—Song in the Last Great Crisis 461
Chapter 74—Songs of the Redeemed 463