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    November 2, 1888

    VOL. 2. - MINNEAPOLIS, MINN., - NO. 12

    Thirteenth Day’s Proceedings GENERAL CONFERENCE

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    The second meeting of Oct. 31 was called at 5:30 p. m.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 37.1

    Eld. S. H. Lane led in prayer.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 37.2

    The minutes of the forenoon meeting were read and approved.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 37.3

    On motion the regular rules were suspended, and other important business was brought before the Conference.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 37.4

    E. J. Waggoner presented the following resolution.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 37.5

    In behalf of the California delegation, I will present the following resolutions, which were adopted at the late session of the California conference:GCDB November 2, 1888, page 37.6

    WHEREAS, We have for many years been looking for an amendments to the national constitution to open the way for national religious legislation; and,GCDB November 2, 1888, page 37.7

    WHEREAS, In the Blair amendment to the national constitution, and the accompanying national Sunday bill, there are now pending the very things for which we have so long looked; as that which will surely make the image of the Papacy, against whose work the third angel’s message pronounces its solemn warning; therefore,GCDB November 2, 1888, page 37.8

    Resolved, That these things should arouse every Seventh-day Adventist, and they should arouse us to such earnestness as never before - even such diligence and earnestness as the fearful importance of the third angel’s message demands.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 37.9

    Mr. H. L. Adams, an attorney, who had carefully examined the Blair Sunday Bill, now before the congressional committee, offered the following resolution, which was unanimously adopted by the Conference:GCDB November 2, 1888, page 37.10

    Be it Resolved, That this conference call the attention of the national conference of the Seventh-day Adventists to the urgent necessity of sending a delegation to appear before the United States senatorial committee on education and labor, to use all reasonable efforts to secure the defeat of the following senate bills - namely:GCDB November 2, 1888, page 37.11

    A resolution dated May 25, 1888, and entitled, “A joint resolution proposing an amendment to the constitution of the United States, respecting establishments of religion and free public schools,” and further,GCDB November 2, 1888, page 37.12

    A resolution dated May 21, 1888, and entitled, “A bill to secure to the people the enjoyment of the first day of the week, commonly known as the Lord’s day, as a day of rest, and to promote its observance as a day of religious worship;”GCDB November 2, 1888, page 37.13

    On the grounds that the said bills are opposed to the common interests of humanity, and the freedom of religious worship intended to be guaranteed to the citizens of this great republic by its founders and defenders, and that the adoption of said bills would mark a broad and distinct advancement toward the union of church and state.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 37.14

    And be it further Resolved, That the California conference asks the appointment on said delegation of Elder A. T. Jones, as one whose diligent study of this question has made him fully competent to perform such work.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 37.15

    In view of this I offer the following resolution:GCDB November 2, 1888, page 37.16

    Resolved, That this conference appoint a delegation of three, of which Elder A. T. Jones shall be one, to appear before the senate committee on education and labor, at the next session of congress, and in the interests of religious liberty, to use every reasonable effort to secure the defeat of the Blair bill.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 37.17

    The motion to adopt was carried with a unanimous vote.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 37.18

    On motion the committee called for by the foregoing resolutions was referred to the General Conference committee.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 37.19

    The committee on resolutions made the following partial report:GCDB November 2, 1888, page 37.20

    WHEREAS, We believe that the work of the third angel’s message should ever be progressive, reaching out and filling unoccupied fields; therefore,GCDB November 2, 1888, page 37.21

    11. Resolved, That we heartily approve the action of the Pacific Press Publishing Co. in establishing a branch office in New York, and also the proposal of the Review and Herald office to establish branch offices in Chicago, Toronto, and other points.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 37.22

    WHEREAS, Books and tracts published in America do not meet with the favor in England and English colonies that the same publications would if they were published in England, besides being more expensive, andGCDB November 2, 1888, page 37.23

    WHEREAS, The English Mission is not prepared to assume the burden of general publishing, therefore,GCDB November 2, 1888, page 37.24

    12. Resolved, That we recommend the immediate establishment by the Review and Herald office of a branch office in London, in order to relieve the English Mission of the burden of publishing books and tracts, and to facilitate their general circulation.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 37.25

    WHEREAS, Hamburg is the most important sea-port on the continent of Europe, the chief commercial city of the German Empire, and one of the principal ports of immigration; therefore,GCDB November 2, 1888, page 37.26

    13. Resolved, That it is the sense of this conference that a ship and city mission should be established there as soon as possible.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 37.27

    14. Resolved, That we express our gratitude to God for the success of the canvassing work during the past year; and to the end that the work may be made yet more effective, further,GCDB November 2, 1888, page 37.28

    15. Resolved, That we recommend that the state agents organize their canvassers into companies whenever it is practicable to do so, and appoint suitable persons as leaders.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 38.1

    WHEREAS, Those who engage in canvassing for our religious publications should be such persons as will properly represent the truth, therefore,GCDB November 2, 1888, page 38.2

    16. Resolved, That no person shall be appointed to sell our religious subscription books who is not properly recommend to the state agents, or known by him to be a suitable person.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 38.3

    WHEREAS, The principles of health and temperance reform are an important and essential part of the Third Angel’s message, and,GCDB November 2, 1888, page 38.4

    WHEREAS, The health and temperance association is engaged in active efforts to promulgate these principles; therefore,GCDB November 2, 1888, page 38.5

    17. Resolved, That we hereby urge upon all our people the duty of becoming intelligent upon these subjects by the careful reading of the testimonies and other literature, and of putting into practice the principles taught, and,GCDB November 2, 1888, page 38.6

    18. Resolved, That we encourage the organization of health and temperance societies and urge all our people to join them, and to co-operate with the efforts made to advance this branch of present truth.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 38.7

    WHEREAS, Our much esteemed brother, Eld. Geo. I. Butler, who has occupied the position of president of the General Conference for many years and borne other heavy burdens in connection with the cause, now feels compelled, on account of failing health, to lay off these heavy responsibilities; therefore,GCDB November 2, 1888, page 38.8

    19. Resolved, That we express, our appreciation of his faithful labors in the past, and our heart-felt sympathy with him in his present affliction, and hope and pray that he may be raised to his former health, and spared to the cause which needs the counsel gained by his valuable experience.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 38.9

    WHEREAS, A daily BULLETIN of the proceedings of the General Conference is now felt by the delegates do be a necessity; andGCDB November 2, 1888, page 38.10

    WHEREAS, There are thousands of our people who cannot attend General Conference, who anxiously desire to know what is being done from day to day, and who desire more full accounts than a secretary’s report of the business transactions; therefore,GCDB November 2, 1888, page 38.11

    20. Resolved, That it is the sense of this body that the General Conference Daily Bulletin should be published at every session of the conference; that it should be of a size sufficient to admit the insertion not only of a full account of all the business meetings, but also of an outline of the principal sermons preached, and the general instruction given, and that early each year the General Conference Committee choose an editor, and make all other necessary arrangements for the BULLETIN so that the price may be published and a subscription list secured in advance.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 38.12

    Resolutions 14, 15, and 16 were referred to the Tract Society. The remainder of the report was unanimously adopted.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 38.13

    The whole congregation voted upon the nineteenth resolution, and manifested their approval of it by a rising vote. Bro. Jones presented the following, which was adopted:GCDB November 2, 1888, page 38.14

    21. Resolved, That the General Conference express its appreciation of the generous act of Bro. N. F. Burgess, of Honolulu, in providing the missionary ship for Eld. Cudney to go to the islands of the Pacific, and we pray the blessing of God upon him and his, and upon the ship and crew, and that He may give her a prosperous journey.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 38.15

    On motion the report of the conference treasurer as presented was accepted.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 38.16

    Adjourned to 7:15 p. m.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 38.17

    The conference convened according to adjournment at 7:15 p. m., Oct. 31.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 38.18

    Prayer by Elder R. A. Underwood.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 38.19

    Minutes of last meeting were read and approved.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 38.20

    The chairman hoped that none of the delegates would go away till the business was completed and a united effort made to seek God for a special blessing and suggested that we celebrate the ordinances together before we leave. His remarks were responded to by E. W. Farnsworth.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 38.21

    On motion the time was fixed for the conference to adjourn sine die at Sunday noon, Nov. 3.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 38.22

    The first general business was that of substituting the name of Geo. I. Butler for that of W. W. Prescott on the General Conference committee, the motion which was pending at the forenoon meeting.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 38.23

    The substitute was carried by a vote of 40 to 39. It was moved to make it unanimous, which was not unanimously voted, twelve voting in the negative.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 38.24

    On motion the election of E. M. Morrison on the book committee, was reconsidered, and E. J. Waggoner substituted in his place.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 38.25

    E. W. Farnsworth presented several resolutions which, after reading, were waved till a future meeting.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 38.26

    On motion the election of U. Smith as secretary of the General Conference was reconsidered.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 38.27

    On motion the name of D. T. Jones was substituted for that of U. Smith.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 38.28

    It was voted that the election of W. H. Edwards as a member of the General Conference Association Board, be reconsidered.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 38.29

    The name of J. Fargo was substituted by vote for that of W. H. Edwards.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 38.30

    R. A. Underwood presented the following preamble and resolution:GCDB November 2, 1888, page 38.31

    WHEREAS, The expenses attending this conference have been great to the Minnesota conference, therefore,GCDB November 2, 1888, page 38.32

    Resolved, That we recommend that each conference be invited to help bear this expense by paying the expense of their delegates while here.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 38.33

    An amendment was offered leaving it to each conference to make such donations toward the Minnesota Conference School at Minneapolis as they may see fit. The amendment was carried, as was also the original motion as amended. The meeting adjourned to the call of the chair.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 38.34

    Fourteenth Day’s Proceedings GENERAL CONFERENCE THURSDAY, Nov. 1, 1888

    No Authorcode

    The General Conference convened in its fourteenth meeting at 10:30 a. m.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.1

    Prayer by Elder J. G. Matteson.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.2

    Minutes of last meeting read and approved.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.3

    The resolutions presented in the last meeting were read, and after motion to adopt and thorough discussion of the same, were referred to a committee of five, as follows: H. W. Miller, G. B. Starr, E. W. Farnsworth, S. H. Lane, and F. E. Belden.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.4

    The following report was then presented:GCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.5

    Your committee appointed to consider the educating of persons of foreign nationalities for missionary work, find a great need in this direction, and would recommend the following:GCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.6

    WHEREAS, The laborers for the old country, where the work is but just begun, are principally supplied from the United States, andGCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.7

    WHEREAS, Laborers raised up in Europe are often obliged to leave their native land on account of the military service, and,GCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.8

    WHEREAS, Many fields in America have never been entered, and we are doing but little for the multitudes that are continually streaming into our country, and,GCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.9

    WHEREAS, Mission schools held on either side of the ocean have proved the usefulness of such training; and,GCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.10

    WHEREAS, The lack of missionary instruction in foreign languages has caused many of the young people of different nationalities in this country to be educated in the American Mission for work among the Americans, whereby much talent is lost to the foreign work, therefore,GCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.11

    Resolved, That all persons applying for positions shall be recommended by their respective conference committees. Resolved, That the following branches shall be taught:GCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.12

    The Bible, Missionary work in general, canvassing, reading, grammar, and book keeping.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.13

    3. Resolved, That institutes for the instruction of laborers in the foreign languages be held from year to year in this country, those for the coming year to be located as follows:GCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.14

    One for the Scandinavians in Chicago; one for the Germans in Milwaukee; also that a French department be connected with the American Mission in St. Louis, as soon as suitable help can be secured.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.15

    Resolved, That these institutes shall be under the supervision of the General Conference Committee, and that the direct management of each should be in the hands of a committee of five of whom the president of the conference in which the institute is held, and the principal teacher, sent by the General Conference Committee shall be members.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.16

    4. Resolved, That the students pay for their board and lodging and be permitted to have the profits from their canvassing, andGCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.17

    We further recommend that similar schools be held in different missions of Europe.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.18

    6. We recommend that whenever it is deemed necessary by the Mission Board and the General Conference Committee to establish permanent schools in such places as Christiana, London, and Basel, that appropriations be made by the committee from the mission funds as may be necessary to assist in securing rooms for these schools, and teachers for these departments organized, especially to educate and train laborers for the various branches of mission work.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.19

    WHEREAS, There are in all parts of our country families and individuals capable of doing missionary work for those speaking foreign languages, but who on account of their isolation from others of their tongue are doing little or nothing, therefore,GCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.20

    7. Resolved, That we recommend that an earnest effort be made by our ministers, conference officers, and Tract Society officers, to search out all such and put them in communication with the corresponding secretary of the International tract society, who shall, through her assistants and members of her class of foreign secretaries, encourage them to engage in some branch of missionary work. L. R. CONRADI, For Committee.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.21

    Remarks were made by L. R. Conradi, E. W. Farnsworth, T. H. Gibbs, Capt. Eldridge, A. J. Breed, J. G. Matteson, and D. T. Bordeau on resolutions 1 and 2, which were adopted.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.22

    On motion the meeting adjourned.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.23

    GENERAL CONFERENCE 2:30 p. m., Nov. 1

    No Authorcode

    The Conference was opened by prayer by Eld. J. Fargo.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.24

    The reading of the minutes was omitted.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.25

    Resolutions No. 3 to 7 from the committee to consider the work of the foreign laborers and schools, were read and adopted.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.26

    The committee to whom the report of committee on city mission work was referred reported as follows, which was adopted as a whole:GCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.27

    22. Resolved, That we endorse resolutions one to nine inclusive adopted at the last session of the General Conference relative to city mission work, recorded on pages 43 and 44 of the Year Book; offering the following amendment to resolution 5: that the clause now reading “and that they shall pass a satisfactory examination before an examining board of three,” be made to read “and that they shall pass a satisfactory examination before an examining board of three, or on blanks furnished by them.”GCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.28

    23. Resolved, That we urge upon all our conferences the necessity of raising a city mission fund sufficient for the education of workers and for carrying forward mission work as recommended in the foregoing resolutions.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.29

    24. Resolved, That we endorse the action of the Illinois conference in the erection of the new building in Chicago, suitable for a central training school for city and foreign missionaries in harmony with the advice of the General Conference Committee.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.30

    25. Resolved, That we recommend the states adjacent to Illinois that have not already been advised by the General Conference to establish general training schools, to give their encouragement and support to the Chicago mission training school, by sending suitable persons there to be educated for labor in different fields.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.31

    The committee on distribution of labor offered the following:GCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.32

    46. That D. T. Jones of Missouri go to Battle Creek, to assist the acting president of the General Conference in his correspondence and in his labors in the interests of the cause at large.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.33

    47. That E. A. Merrill of Minnesota go to Illinois to labor in that conference.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.34

    48. That C. H. Bliss of Illinois make Minnesota his field of labor.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.35

    49. That M. H. Gregory of Minnesota go to Kansas to labor.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.36

    50. That J. O. Beard of Iowa go to the Upper Columbia conference and make that his field of labor.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.37

    51. That in view of R. S. Donnell’s health he remain in Missouri, and Wm. Covert of Indiana take his place in Tennessee, also the oversight of the work in Kentucky.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.38

    52. That H. W. Miller of Michigan take the place made vacant by Bro. Covert in Indiana.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.39

    53. That Ella A. Carman, Hattie Amos, and H. May Stanton, go to Indianapolis to labor in the city mission.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 39.40

    The committee on credentials and licenses reported as follows, and the report was adopted by considering each separately:GCDB November 2, 1888, page 40.1

    We, your committee on credentials and licenses would report the following names, and recommend that they receive credentials:GCDB November 2, 1888, page 40.2

    Geo. I. Butler, S. N. Haskell, O. A. Olsen, W. C. White, U. Smith, Mrs. E. G. White, D. T. Bordeau, A. A. John, J. G. Matteson, E. W. Whitney, E. G. Olsen, J. H. Durland, L. R. Conradi, S. H. Lane, D. A. Robinson, C. L. Boyd, E. W. Farnsworth, H. Shultz, W. H. Saxby, J. F. Hansen, A. G. Daniels, J. C. Laubhan, H. P. Holser, Ira J. Hankins, D. E. Lindsey, N. Orcutt, Oscar Hill, A. J. Cudney, J. W. Bagby, M. G. Huffman, B. F. Purdham, J. S. Shrock, M. B. Miller, S. H. Kime, J. M. Ericksen.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 40.3

    For licenses - C. Eldridge, W. Baird, N. B. England, A. LaRue, L. H. Crisler, J. I. Tay, Mrs. R. Hill, Arthur Hunt, D. C. Babcock.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 40.4

    The following resolutions were presented and adopted:GCDB November 2, 1888, page 40.5

    WHEREAS, The experience of the last year has demonstrated, that our publications can successfully be sold in the Central European field, andGCDB November 2, 1888, page 40.6

    WHEREAS, We find that the present subscription price for our French and German periodicals is above the reach of many of the common people in Central Europe, andGCDB November 2, 1888, page 40.7

    WHEREAS, The circulation depends greatly on the tract societies, therefore,GCDB November 2, 1888, page 40.8

    Resolved, That these papers be only 8 page semi-monthly and the price lowered accordingly, thus securing a large circulation and give more time for the preparation of books and tracts.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 40.9

    W. C. White raised the question of the education of the foreign laborers, and the need of a fund for that purpose. Eloquent remarks were made by W. C. White, R. A. Underwood, E. W. Farnsworth, and Mrs. E. G. White. Sister White related the touching story of Bro. J. Ertzenberger’s coming to this country, and how considerate we ought to be of the feelings of those who come from foreign lands, that we ought to be more cordial. Explanations were made by W. C. White as to the small royalty paid Sister White, Elder Smith, and others of our authors as compared with authors generally. While authors were generally paid from 8 to 10 per cent., ours were paid only from 2 to 5 per cent. All of Sister White’s royalty on books sold in foreign fields were donated to foreign work. It cost $2,000 extra to get out the new edition of “Great Controversy.”GCDB November 2, 1888, page 40.10


    No Authorcode

    The association met at 9 a. m.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 40.11

    Prayer by G. B. Starr. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 40.12

    Resolution No. 11 was then read, and after some discussion upon its merits it was adopted. Resolution 12 was carried without discussion. Nos. 13 and 14 with a little change were passed by unanimous vote.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 40.13

    The corresponding secretary made an interesting report. One gentleman from the west coast of Africa wrote as anxiously desirous of becoming a colporteur.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 40.14

    In Australia and Pitcairn they are acquainting themselves with our manner of work, and have been furnished with supplies. Switzerland and South America are falling into line. Have written to the isolated schools and have heard from several of them. A lady from Oregon wished to know how to start a Sunday school. Letters were received from Georgia, and one from France.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 40.15

    The following resolution was offered and adopted.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 40.16

    WHEREAS, There is an urgent call from all parts of the field for a paper wholly devoted to the interests of the children,GCDB November 2, 1888, page 40.17

    Resolved, That we request the Review and Herald to adapt their excellent paper, the Youth’s Instructor, to meet this want.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 40.18

    A number of interesting questions were read and answered by the president of the association.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 40.19

    While the answering of questions was in progress a motion to adjourn was offered and carried.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 40.20


    No Authorcode

    The association met in its third meeting Oct. 31, at Minneapolis, Minn. After opening, resolution 6, BULLETIN No. 11, was passed after being discussed by Dr. Waggoner, W. H. Wakeham, and Dr. J. H. Kellogg.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 40.21

    Resolution 7 was carried without discussion.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 40.22

    Resolutions 8 and 9, after discussion by W. H. Wakeham, J. J. Devereaux, Dr. J. H. Kellogg, and Capt. Eldridge were carried.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 40.23

    Resolution 10 was then read, and its meaning explained by Dr. Kellogg, and discussed by several members, and was then adopted.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 40.24

    Moved by W. H. Wakeham that the constitution be amended so that the executive committee will be composed of the president, secretary, and the presidents of the several state societies. Carried.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 40.25

    Moved by M. H. Brown that a committee of three be appointed by the chair to confer with the committee on Sabbath school lessons in reference to the preparation of health and temperance lessons. The committee was appointed as follows: E. W. Waggoner, C. C. Lewis, W. H. Wakeham.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 40.26

    Moved by W. H. Wakeham that a committee of five be appointed by the chair, to devise plans during the coming year, for carrying on a system of missionary work with our health and temperance literature.GCDB November 2, 1888, page 40.27

    Committee on nominations presented the following report:GCDB November 2, 1888, page 40.28

    For President, J. H. Kellogg, M. D.
    For Vice President, D. A. Robinson.
    For Secretary and Treasurer, Mrs. E. E. Kellogg.
    Chairman of the committee on health missionary work, W. H. Wakeham.
    The remainder of the committee to be appointed later.
    After some pointed practical remarks by the president, the association adjourned sine die.

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